Chat Rooms

There used to be a time when anonymous chat rooms were a craze with youth. Be it the Yahoo messenger or the AOL, it was amongst the most visited or downloaded products. Yet, in 2020, there are certain chat rooms that have still kept the early 2000s alive.

This article explores the best of 2020 when it comes to chatting rooms. But, before we do that, let us find out why are chat rooms still so exciting among the youth!

3 Reasons Why You Must Try Chat Rooms

i. Networking:

Well, as the word explains itself, being in a chatroom helps you to grow your network. It enhances new connections both within the nation or abroad. Moreover, it also improves communication skills, as you talk with people from different nations.

ii. Cultural knowledge:

With the anonymous chat rooms, you are giving yourself a chance to know more about the culture prevalent in one’s place. It gives you exposure to know what works in one’s nation and what not! Moreover, you can also clear out myths!

iii. Emotional support:

Often talking with the known people regarding your problems is not the right solution. Any sensitive problem can result in breaking off the relationship too. So, it is always a better decision to share it with someone anonymous. \

12 Chat Rooms You Must Give A Try In 2020

1. Amino:

If you have used Discord, you must also like Amino. It is excellent for people with a wide spectrum of likings. Unlike Discord, it provides a host of other options in terms of interests, and not restricted to only music. This is what makes Amino unique. Though it is free to use, it comes along with some in-app purchases too. You can make stories, polls, and even quizzes in your discussions to keep it dynamic.

2. Band:

Perfect for people who would prefer closed chats and conversations. You can also carry your work group, family or friends and experience the best chat experience. Many organizations are tuning in to Band due to its seamless operation. One thumb down will be the lack of control over the notifications, that buzz too much!

3. Discord:

Being a gamer’s favorite, this chat room can also be used by other users too. You must be wondering if it will have the user base. But, the truth is, you can enjoy the best chat room features with people having different interests, even in Discord. You can try out the open chat room to see if it fits your requirement. Moreover, this is a free chat room. If you wish to add up cosmetics like emojis, you can try the premium feature too. The free version includes seamless features like direct messages and voice notes also.

4. Grouvi:

Now, as we are writing about it, Grouvi has made a surprise entry to our list. This has lesser people in the chat rooms, yet it is open to all the topics of discussion. A trend is visible towards the technical topics, which makes it the next potential GitHub. Moreover, since it a very new platform, you can experience the latest chat room features with it. Free to use, ad-free and seamless experience is what makes Grouvi fourth in our list.

5. ICQ:

If you are nostalgic about the 90s, you must look no further than ICQ. It is a very ancient chat room, yet it has upgraded and updated its technology with time. You can find the best student group, age group-specific chats room, and new user chat rooms. Well, it must be said that the features provide let you a direct message, video call, and other cool features that any chatroom provides these days. Guess what, you can also try the open chats!

6. Meet Me:

Meet Me is a cross-over between Tinder and Discord! Well, this is the untold truth that the application does fail to have a proper sex ratio, which makes it fail as a standalone dating application. Yet, if you are looking forward to chatting and meet new people, this goes a long way. What makes it a chat room is you can still talk with unknown people, thus making it suitable for our list. With a large group of people, you might never get bored here! Too many people to talk with, yet there are still better options on our list!

7. Telegram:

The one messaging app which is gaining a lot of prominence in 2020 is Telegram. You can create your own channels and invite the people to your channel to create your own chatroom. Moreover, with the telegram, you can share a list of media, document files, and even voice recordings, which makes it the best chat room. The only thing with it is there is a lack of open chat rooms, but, if you are looking to make things professional, this is the right place!

8. Viber:

More like an updated version of Nimbuzz, you can use this for the calling, chatting, and video calls. It allows customized chat rooms as per your topic of discussion, which is why you must join here!

9. Whisper:

All the fans of twitter and old-styled chat rooms must log in to whisper. With the cool GUI and an excellent user base of 30 million active users, you must use it to get exposure to a wide range of people.

10. Zello:

Either talk to people in a walkie-talkie style, on the go or communicate just through texts, it is the coolest app in our list. The downside is the lack of public chats and lack of control over notifications.

11. Chatroulette:

Features include the video chat feature as well as the voice chat. Simple to use and even easier to load. One of the best features is no need to log in or register!

12. Chat For Free:

As the name suggests, chat with people all across the world without any registration. Free to use and even simpler with a variety of chatroom’s for all kinds of people. Must try in 2020 if you are looking for some fun!