free calling websites
free calling websites

Calling from PC to phone is the brand-new trend in 2020, with the increasing globalization and the need for international calls. You might wonder a need for free calling websites! While the services like Yahoo messenger and Google Talk offer PC to PC calls, they would require both people to be on the connected computer. This is where the need for the free calling website arises.

2020 has seen some crazy websites that made calling simpler! This article talks about the new face in the calling domain, which helps in making connections simpler.

Free Calling Websites That Make Calling in 2020 Simpler!

1. iEvaphone:

iEvaphone-free calling websites

The online calling service is taken a boom with iEvaphone that allows free calling to countries with lower calling rates. The number of calls a person can make in a day is restricted. Every time you make a call, your IP address is noted down and this is how the number of calls is counted. In counties with high calling charges, the website doesn’t allow free calls. The only downside is that you can have free talk only for a maximum of 2 minutes. As you open the website, you can see the phone GUI, which lets you dial the number. You need to dial using the country code and click on the dial. Simple to use and even simpler to maintain.

2. Freecall:

Freecall-free phone call

This interactive website lets you make a phone call to different countries across various devices. All you need to have is an internet connection and a device like a computer or a phone for making the call. The website charges differently based on your country of residence, which makes it unique. You can even send an international SMS using the website. With rounding up of the calls to the next minute, you might be charged a little extra, but the quality of service is excellent.

3. Calleasy:

Calleasy- Make free international calls

Works perfectly even in the absence of the internet. You need to call the local access number and get connected abroad to your near ones. With low rates and excellent service, Calleasy works best across numerous devices. You need to register your account in calleasy to ensure smooth calling services.

4. Viber:

Viber - Make a phone call for free

This is available as an application download in Google Play Store. The application lets you make cool international calls without charging a penny. Moreover, the convenience and the feature of group conversations make the application best in the industry. Some of the excellent features include chatting services, host of emojis, deleting sent texts, and managing the conversations at the same time. One of the best in the business, that too free!

5. WeChat:

Wechatt- free calling website

Free international calling application that lets you do more than just phone calls. Call to numerous people across the rivers, send text messages, and also make quick recharges only through WeChat. Quick and free communication is made simpler using WeChat as it encapsulates multiple features at once. You can even transfer money and send voice messages over with just a click! The downside is that the application doesn’t inform about the online status of the person.

6. IMO:

IMO- call phone from computer

International calls that are encrypted make your calling experience a lot safer. With around 6 encrypted calls, IMO offers wonderful online calling features and video call is also a possibility. The lightweight application lets you stay connected in an agile manner. With cloud storage, you can also keep a backup of your conversation. With the intuitive GUI and the group chat feature, this application is the perfect one to stay connected. On the downside, it drains the phone battery rapidly.

7. CitrusTel:

Citrustel- make free calls online

Without downloading any software on your mobile or PC, get the coolest international calls in a simpler way. The phone calls are generally made over VOIP, that is the reason for enhanced call quality. The home page of the website has the phone GUI that lets you type the digits of the phone number. Dialing internationally has never been simpler as you can dial without any registration. With more than 2000 teleoperators connected worldwide, CitrusTel makes international phone calls simpler.

8. Globfone:

Globephone- free online calling

With multiple features provided, the website doesn’t limit itself to the phone calls. You can send in text messages and even files to another number, without even costing a single penny. You can also have a video chat online, without being worried about the cost for the same. Now, find your dear ones, even closer to you. Transferring the files from one user to another through the P2P sharing model is the best feature of the website, which must be tried once.

9. Make Free Calls online:

Make free calls online

The website is built in a very simple manner which consumes very little data. Yet the website allows you to call across 40 different countries with no hidden charges. You just need to enter the number to make the phone calls and you can dial within your country or abroad, simply! The website supports PC and handheld devices. You need not download or register any application for making the phone call. With more than 550 free calling minutes, get ready to explore the relation with your beloved ones at a new level.

10. Call 2 Friends:

Call2friends-free phone calls

Ensure that you are very well connected with your friends globally as Call 2 Friends lets you make seamless calls online. You need not worry about the technical glitches as the online calls over the internet are charged so low that they are almost free. Ensuring that the calling service is of the highest quality, you can simply dial the number over the phone and get connected. Make sure you enter the country code of the other person as you dial his number.

Some drawbacks of online calling         

Though online calls are the best ways to stay connected, yet free calling comes with the following downside:

  • Too many advertisements on the website can make the loading of the website difficult.
  • Limitations on the number of calls that can be made per day

Yet, if you are looking to save a lot, and talk a lot more, online free calling is the right way to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best free calling websites?

There are many free calling websites available on the web. I have reviewed above some of the best among them that includes Calleasy, Viber, IMO, Wechat, Globephone, Freecall.

What are the benefits of free calling websites?

Due to the high charge of per minute international call, free calling websites have become a viable option, especially when you particularly do not need secured conversation. Of course it is not a good idea to conduct business confidential calls via such platforms Another benefit is it supports video calling as well.

Do the free calling websites support international calls?

Yes. You can call anywhere by using free calling sites. But there are some restriction on specific sites. Please consult individual websites for respective restrictions.