myob timesheet app
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Every employer demands transparency of work among its employees. Hence, to ensure everyone is working towards the company goals and meeting its objectives. It is easier for a boss to handle these tasks on a minor level with small-sized firms. Say, with only 2-4 employees, it is easy to track and keep a record of what everyone is doing.

However, can you imagine a boss getting involved in monitoring every individual’s activities when the company is as large as having 50-70 employees? It is nearly impossible for employers to do track it, bearing in mind that they are the owners of the business.

Thus, various other relevant responsibilities are on their shoulders. Being an employer, it is a daunting thought not to be aware of what the employee is up-to. Whether they are investing the required time to work, are they committed? Are the deadlines being met? Is everyone company focused? Several matters are concerning. Hence, there is a solution to this. 

As a boss, you can implement a strategy to record every detail you require. Then, at the end of the day, you have a report of necessary data. The approach is to ask employees to maintain a timeline sheet and log every task they do. 

This procedure may differ from company to company. Some may update completed to-do tasks and period required, some may enter on an hourly basis, and some add the daily summary. 

It is an effective technique to reduce time wastage and increase productivity.

myob timesheet app
Image Source: Pexels

What are the benefits of timesheets?

Measure productive

As mentioned above, a timeline is a great framework to track progress. It also allows managers to make better leadership decisions. Maintaining transparency of work progress; not only allows you to plan your strategy but also appreciate the hard work your employees are giving in. Showing understanding can motivate and encourage workers to be more productive.


Wages are an essential aspect of any job role. Hence, it is equally necessary to pay workers accurately. There are a lot of factors that are considered before settling the monthly payments. These are; the number of days worked, bonuses, commissions, allowances, and the number of hours served. 

In many firms, the payroll system is simplified by installing a biometric scanner. It requires the staff to scan their finger at the reporting time and when getting off. Thus, it records the number of hours and days present. 

With the current situation and work from the home environment, it is hard to implement this system. Thus, it can impact the efficiency of workers. However, there is an alternative solution for this. The MYOB timesheet app allows you to update when you start and finish work. It is a quick procedure in a simplified manner, at convenience for everyone.Moreover, some firms still use the book-timeline sheet to record the times. 


Suppose you are an agency; timesheets are your lifesavers. It is a useful tool to reassure your clients each project is timely monitored and effectively handled. It also helps for referencing purposes and, at the end of the month, to create reports.There are more than enough benefits for a firm to maintain timesheets. Some of which are mentioned above. Thus, a timeline sheet is a recommendation for every company.