The Changes in the Collaboration Policy of Apple

The Changes in the Collaboration Policy of Apple

The well known and very famous company in the telecommunication market, that is, the Apple. Inc has announced some recent changes in their administrative and functioning policies. These alterations have been made keeping in mind the company’s collaboration between various departments within the company. The Apple Inc. has been progressing amazingly in recent years, proving the biggest competitor for other big corporations. Before going through the newest changes in collaboration policy by Apple, we will have a look at the business profile of the company.

The Apple. Inc was founded by three initial members: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The organization was registered in 1977 and started launching products since April 1977. The company has placed the headquartered office in Cupertino, which is in the state of California. The organization has specialized in manufacturing an electronic product like personal computers, software and a range of consumer products. These products are designed and developed by the various professionals. Some popular launches of Apple are
iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPod.

The announcement of the Change in Collaboration Policy

In October 2012, the company declared some important details and alterations in their policies. According to authorized sources, Apple will make some promotions and alterations in the companies management staff. Currently working experts like Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi will be handling some more responsibilities by working at higher positions. The details of their delegated duties have been explained below.

As per the sources from the company, Eddy Cue will be the head of the designing for Siri and Maps. All services that are provided online, will form one group. Like after the adorable success of the iCloud and App store, this group is expected to perform its best for placing Maps and Siri at a higher position. In brief, the group of online service providers will be led by Eddy Cue.

Apple currently launched two new versions of the previous operating systems. The mountain lion OS works for Mac; personal computers initiated by Apple. The other version i-OS works for portable and small devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Now onwards, all these versions of operating systems will be handled by Craig Federighi. The company has combined both the teams working separately on operating systems, in order to deliver better results to the consumer. The team is expected to make well-finished and advanced versions of the existing models and work for the betterment of the previous versions.

The company believes that the outer look of the electronic product is equally as important as the inner software and functions. Thus, the company has designed many attractive and elegant-looking models for various products like iPhone and iPod. The magnificent and thinner look for the devices has been introduced by the head of the Design department, that is, Jony Ive. With the changed policy, he will handle the responsibility of the Director to the Department of Human Interface. He will provide his leadership and ideas for the progress of this department.

Bob Mansfield, the man behind the speedy technologies built in the Apple products will manage the department of wireless connections. All groups working for the connections and networking purposes in the company have been combined in a team which will be headed by him. This team will be primarily responsible for the innovative and creative network building and foster new techniques. Some small teams working on the semiconductor will join this group in the future to bring about great results together.

Also, with the resignation of John Browett from the position of head of the retail team, Tim Cook has been appointed to take temporary care of the reporting and administration. The company is in search of qualified and trained personnel for the same position. The person handling the retail department will be liable for building a strong network of leaders and dealers at the regional level and managing the current consumer-base with efficiency.

Reception in Media

According to the Company sources, this alteration in the policy of the Apple will lead to a progressive and a remarkable increase in the sales of the products. As the company has launched some best devices at the end of the year 2012, the same success will be continued by the changed management. The collaboration of the hardware, software, and services will combine the best efforts to bring about a great success.

However, newspapers are linking up the departure of some high-level professionals like John Browett owing to misunderstandings between the management professionals. It is said that the crucial differences between Scott Forshell and Jony Ive have resulted in the complete makeover of the administration of the company. The world of telecommunication is curiously looking forward to the results of the changes in collaboration policy made by the company.

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