4 Great Benefits of After Pay


When you can’t afford to buy gifts for your loved ones, it might be difficult to appreciate the experience. There seemed to be an infinite number of birthdays, anniversaries, and joyous occasions on the horizon at times. If you find yourself in this predicament, don’t worry because Buy Now, Pay Later has you covered.

With the introduction of AfterPay Gifts, most customers can now buy those exquisite luxury hampers and bouquets, as well as send online gifts in style, without feeling the squeeze in their wallets. Do you need some persuasion? Here are five advantages of AfterPay Gifts that will definitely convince you

What is AfterPay?

Its Australia’s fintech favourite, a ‘buy-now-pay-later’ interface that enables users to spread the cost of their purchases across four biweekly instalments. Retailers who accept Afterpay get paid instantly but must pay a merchant fee. It’s similar to a typical credit card with an interest-free duration.

Benefit Number 1

Most places nowadays allow you to shop for AfterPay Gifts with comfort and ease. There is no need to live paycheck to paycheck in order to afford lovely internet gifts. AfterPay is intended to be simple, user-friendly and straightforward, even for the least tech-savvy members of the family. With only four periodical payments totalling your gift amount, all you have to worry about now is selecting fantastic things you want to try!

With only four periodical payments totalling your gift amount, all you have to worry about now is selecting fantastic things you want to try!

afterpay tvs
Image Source: Pexels

Benefit Number 2

Shopping with AfterPay Gifts is quick and easy. Your purchases from online stores will be shipped out to the lucky recipient’s home as soon as you order your afterpay tvs, mobile phone or whatever gift you get.  There is no payment delay when sending AfterPay Gifts, and they can be entirely returned if you change your mind! That’s really cool.

Benefit Number 3

You can almost shop for anything nowadays with Afterpay, and you can select any of them with AfterPay. There’s no need to limit yourself to just a few options; whether you want a chocolate bouquet or a doughnut dessert box, we’ve got you covered. There is something to suit everyone’s likes and budgets, so why not give AfterPay Gifts a try?

Benefit Number 4

 AfterPay is available anywhere and at any time. There is no simpler method to pay when and when you choose. It’s difficult enough to schedule things in your day to organize gifts, let alone go through the time-consuming payment procedure of entering your credit card information. You can pay fast and on the go with AfterPay Gifts. As previously said, we have you covered.

If you typically use your credit card to purchase items that you would not be able to afford otherwise, changing to Afterpay for consumer purchases may be an excellent alternative because you will save interest fees.

Even while utilizing Afterpay will save, you money on interest, it is still a good idea to keep to your budget to ensure you can afford to spend that money.

Make Your Website Application Usable with Unmoderated User Testing


Unmoderated user testing is performed under uncontrolled environment. By means of uncontrolled environment we mean that test is performed in a situation where the participants are not testing the application in real-time. They use to test the website application whenever they want.

Unmoderated User Testing is beneficial is such a situation when you want to obtain real feedback, opinion, you have some specific questions to be answered, the requirement of large sample size, many numbers of participants and the interaction between participants should take place in natural environment rather than in controlled environment.

Some benefits that you must know about Unmoderated User Testing

  1. The first and foremost benefit of unmoderated user testing is that it doesn’t require any artificial situation. It can be conducted anywhere you want, anytime when you are comfortable.
  • Another benefit of unmoderated user testing over moderated user testing is that a greater number of feedbacks is accumulated over a period of say one to two days.

unmoderated user testing
Image Source: Pexels

  • Many issues you will find at the end of the day rather than a single issue at a time which you obtain in real-time moderated user testing method. You can work on those issues one by one, keeping all the other issues in mind.
  • Many numbers of participants are available to perform unmoderated user testing as there is no place and time limitation. As a result, more valuable feedbacks, suggestions are obtained. Different participants have different thoughts, you have more options to choose the best opinion from several thoughts of the participants.

Some of the disadvantages which also you must know about Unmoderated User Testing.

  1. Before performing unmoderated user testing you must know that it is not at all supervised that can arise some problems that can go against your website application.
  • You need to have specific set of questions ready for the participant who are about to perform unmoderated user testing. Fixed tax must also be assigned to the participants that doesn’t allow any multitasking.
  • You will be helpless to the participants when they face troubles while performing unmoderated user testing as you cannot help them on the spot of testing. Lack of proper guidance from your side will lead to more issues that you need to solve instantly.

These were the benefits and disadvantages of unmoderated user testing. At the end of the day, it’s your website application and your business. You are the owner of yourself and it’s your call whether you will go for moderated user testing or unmoderated user testing. Any kind of expert advice is always desirable for new website application. Expert advice is of much importance because it can reach every corner of your website, find and fix several errors in real-time while the application is being used and also make your website application more user friendly and reliable.

If you are on the way of developing new website or you own a website, you can always contact us for our expert advice. We have a dedicated team of ux testers to look upon entire website and solve any kind of issues related to your website.

Top Tips to Run A Small Business


Whatever type of small business it may be, there are several tips to help run it. We’ve talked everything about them below.


The key to growth is being organized. You’d always be on top of things – you won’t forget tasks. You’d also be able to do provide a better customer experience, as everything would be in designated spots.

Create a check-off list. It’d help you stay on top of things the most.


Always keep detailed records of the transactions that took place. Staying on top of finances would let you know if your business is profitable or not. Keeping detailed records also lets you note stocks, as well as if one stock is selling better or worse than others.

Detailed records would help if disaster strikes – an accountant could use all the documents to easily figure a strategy out. And the records would help you create the smartest business plans.


What would help you grow would be watching what larger competitors are doing. There must be a reason why customers are so attracted to them. Try purchasing from these stores; you’d truly get to compare the buying experience.

Most sales take place on the internet. Although you may be making as many physical sales as rivals, they beat you when it comes to digital sales. Their website might be easier to use andmore dynamic than yours.

Be Patient

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. With good investments, superb customer support, and amazing products, your business is bound to become bigger. Be patient and let all of the fruits of your labour develop. If you get discouraged and stop right now, you may be putting a halt to your business when it’s months away from becoming very popular.

Site & App

Create a website for your company. Whenever customers search terms related to you, you would pop up. This would expose you to a bigger audience. And if someone is interested in you, the website would let them learn more.

An app would be a good idea as well. It’d let you streamline your connection to customers. Unlike sites, apps are easier to create. Make things easier by utilizing a low code app development platform.

Calculated Risks

All businesses need to take risks. Just make sure that the risks you’d be taking won’t be impulsive but calculated.

If you can think of the worst-case scenario, you’d be prepared to mitigate it.

Compare the pros to the cons to the risk. If the pros outweigh the cons, you have more incentive to take the leap.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to running and making a small business successful, there are countless things you could do. From everything run through, the most important would be how organized you are. The more you stay on top of things, the lower the chances of things going wrong. Be patient with your company as well. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’d become popular when you least expect it.

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Fuel Tank


Cleaning a fuel tank requires countless points to be considered. We’ve talked everything about them – they’d keep you safe. Keep reading.

Protective Equipment

You mustn’t just enter the tank. It’s a large container that once held potentially toxic materials. You’d breathe the material in. And the toxic materials might irritate your skin or eyes – the protective gear would keep you safe. A full suit would prevent the chances of you spreading the waste outside, as you can just take it off.


Being in such a contained space, there would likely be no light coming in. There’s no way you’ll be able to clean it in the darkness. Make note of the torches you have – the brighter the one the better. Get hold of an option you can attach to your head. It would be a band so your hands would be free.

Don’t use fire or any light source that makes use of it. The lack of ventilation and potential carbon monoxide from the flames could suffocate you. The flame might ignite with the fuel and cause a disaster as well.

fuel tank cleaning
Image Source: Pixabay

Take Breaks

It might be a good idea to hire professionals for fuel tank cleaning. The spaces would be huge – it’d be hard for regular workers to tend to it without getting tired. As you don’t want them to get exhausted, it would be a good idea for them to take breaks whenever they need.

The stench of the fuel can be suffocating. Taking breathers would prevent them from feeling nauseous as well.

Oxygen Level

Countless tools would tell you the oxygen level in a space. Get a hold of one so that you’d be in the tank for as long as oxygen is present. If the supply of the gas runs out and you’re preoccupied, you might not notice it. This could lead to a dangerous situation as you might pass out.

Speaking of gases, have tools that would evaluate the toxic gas levels as well.

Clear the Tank

Once the fuel has been cleaned, did you get all of your equipment out? Check this a couple of times. This is another reason bright light would be needed, as some of your tools (like oxygen sensors) might be small.


To ensure an accident doesn’t take place, someone needs to be outside the task at all times. They should be great at communicating.

Air Apparatus

You might be using an air apparatus on the job. The engineer on the site should ensure the hoses pumping oxygen are working. There is a major chance you could suffocate otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a fuel tank can be an intimidating task. Most people hire professionals. But if you’re not able to, the above points would help. Considering everything discussed, something that’s crucial is the gear you’ll be wearing – have proper PPE. If you’re going to be using an air apparatus, the engineer on the site needs to check the hose so that you get a continuous supply of air.

Why Should You Open an Online Store?


When so many people still love traditional shopping, you may ask if an online store is really necessary. And is it actually beneficial to the business owners as it is convenient to the buyers? The answer to this is yes. Having an online store can benefit you in many different ways. Take a look at the following to find out how.

Increase Your Customer Base

An online store allows you to reach a larger customer base. While online stores become accessible to customers 24/7, it also becomes available to customers beyond geographical locations. For example, a traditional store will only be available to people of that area or people of the closer towns.

But with an online store, your products will be out there on the internet to be seen by customers even from other countries. This will give your business the visibility it needs to expand and grow. Therefore, even if your business is centred in Australia ecommerce platform or an online store will allow it to have even international customers.

Supply on Demand

When it comes to a traditional store, when your customer asks for a product, you need to have it ready. To supply according to the demand, you will have to bring in a larger stock of the same item at once and have it ready for disposal. However, when your customers order online, there is a waiting period until the product is ready and shipped.

This allows you the time to calculate the number of orders and have a supply for the right demand instead of bringing down too much items or worry about inventory. All you need to do is advertise or display a picture of the product, instead of displaying multiple products on racks or shelves.

australia ecommerce platform
Image Source: Pexels

No Worries about Space

Traditional stores demand a space to set it up. This means you need to worry about the rent, maintenance of the space, renovations and repairs. In addition to that, if you are to expand your business you will have to rent additional spaces or add parts to your current store. An online store on the other hand is virtual, and requires no physical space. This will save the money you would otherwise spend on space maintenance.

Available and Accessible

An online store has no business hours. Your customers can access the store any time with their mobile phone. There is no need to travel to buy their necessary products or worry about the accessibility to the store. There will also be no need of hiring employees to support and assist customers.

Instead, you can set up a chat option on your online store or have an email to contact you about the necessary product information. The convenience this allows the customers will help you to build a loyal customer base as customers will always turn towards stores that are easier for them to shop in.

Whether you are a small business that is just staring, or you are a large company that is already expanding, an online store will help both to grow better.

Top 10 Free Calling Websites of 2020

Calling from PC to phone is the brand-new trend in 2020, with the increasing globalization and the need for international calls. You might wonder a need for free calling websites! While the services like Yahoo messenger and Google Talk offer PC to PC calls, they would require both people to be on the connected computer. This is where the need for the free calling website arises.

2020 has seen some crazy websites that made calling simpler! This article talks about the new face in the calling domain, which helps in making connections simpler.

Free Calling Websites That Make Calling in 2020 Simpler!

1. iEvaphone:


The online calling service is taken a boom with iEvaphone that allows free calling to countries with lower calling rates. The number of calls a person can make in a day is restricted. Every time you make a call, your IP address is noted down and this is how the number of calls is counted. In counties with high calling charges, the website doesn’t allow free calls. The only downside is that you can have free talk only for a maximum of 2 minutes. As you open the website, you can see the phone GUI, which lets you dial the number. You need to dial using the country code and click on the dial. Simple to use and even simpler to maintain.

2. Freecall:

This interactive website lets you make a phone call to different countries across various devices. All you need to have is an internet connection and a device like a computer or a phone for making the call. The website charges differently based on your country of residence, which makes it unique. You can even send an international SMS using the website. With rounding up of the calls to the next minute, you might be charged a little extra, but the quality of service is excellent.

3. Calleasy:

Works perfectly even in the absence of the internet. You need to call the local access number and get connected abroad to your near ones. With low rates and excellent service, Calleasy works best across numerous devices. You need to register your account in calleasy to ensure smooth calling services.

4. Viber:

This is available as an application download in Google Play Store. The application lets you make cool international calls without charging a penny. Moreover, the convenience and the feature of group conversations make the application best in the industry. Some of the excellent features include chatting services, host of emojis, deleting sent texts, and managing the conversations at the same time. One of the best in the business, that too free!

5. WeChat:

Free international calling application that lets you do more than just phone calls. Call to numerous people across the rivers, send text messages, and also make quick recharges only through WeChat. Quick and free communication is made simpler using WeChat as it encapsulates multiple features at once. You can even transfer money and send voice messages over with just a click! The downside is that the application doesn’t inform about the online status of the person.

6. IMO:

International calls that are encrypted make your calling experience a lot safer. With around 6 encrypted calls, IMO offers wonderful online calling features and video call is also a possibility. The lightweight application lets you stay connected in an agile manner. With cloud storage, you can also keep a backup of your conversation. With the intuitive GUI and the group chat feature, this application is the perfect one to stay connected. On the downside, it drains the phone battery rapidly.

7. CitrusTel:

Without downloading any software on your mobile or PC, get the coolest international calls in a simpler way. The phone calls are generally made over VOIP, that is the reason for enhanced call quality. The home page of the website has the phone GUI that lets you type the digits of the phone number. Dialing internationally has never been simpler as you can dial without any registration. With more than 2000 teleoperators connected worldwide, CitrusTel makes international phone calls simpler.

8. Globfone:

With multiple features provided, the website doesn’t limit itself to the phone calls. You can send in text messages and even files to another number, without even costing a single penny. You can also have a video chat online, without being worried about the cost for the same. Now, find your dear ones, even closer to you. Transferring the files from one user to another through the P2P sharing model is the best feature of the website, which must be tried once.

9. Make Free Calls online:

The website is built in a very simple manner which consumes very little data. Yet the website allows you to call across 40 different countries with no hidden charges. You just need to enter the number to make the phone calls and you can dial within your country or abroad, simply! The website supports PC and handheld devices. You need not download or register any application for making the phone call. With more than 550 free calling minutes, get ready to explore the relation with your beloved ones at a new level.

10. Call 2 Friends:

Ensure that you are very well connected with your friends globally as Call 2 Friends lets you make seamless calls online. You need not worry about the technical glitches as the online calls over the internet are charged so low that they are almost free. Ensuring that the calling service is of the highest quality, you can simply dial the number over the phone and get connected. Make sure you enter the country code of the other person as you dial his number.

Few more free callings websites

11. voipcheap:

voipcheap is a free calling application that requires free signup before calling to any phone number across any country list that is present in voipcheap application.

voipcheap is supported by any kind of operating system like windows, mac or Linux.

voipcheap can also be downloaded as an application that makes it easier to use.


You call for free to land line numbers of several countries listed in the application


  1. Mobile number calling is not free of cost.
  2. SMS charges are also applicable.
  3. Without sign up call or SMS is not possible.

12. voipbuster:

Just like skype voipbuster is a free calling application. Latest technology is used for calling. It is supported by most of the operating systems.

voipbuster software is available for download a free of cost.


  1. Free trail call facility.
  2. International Calls are possible.
  3. Adds free website.
  4. Can be used on any mobile phones.
  5. Direct calls are possible from any browser.
  6. Free software download is available.


  1. Every call is not free of cost.
  2. Signup is required before calling.

13. Skype:

Skype is a worldwide used application. It can be used with any of the operating systems used. Skype is the most popular free calling website application that is in use now-a-days. Skype is free to use, all that is requires is internet connection. Skype runs equally well in mobile phones.


  1. It can be used for video calling as well voice calling.
  2. Teleconferencing is also possible using skype which involves many numbers of participants.
  3. Video Conferencing facility enables face to face meetings.
  4. Free chatting facility is also available in skype.


  1. The Application sometimes in rare case requires installation again.

14. Zoom:

Another free calling website just like Skype. It has all the facilities similar to skype. What you need is simply login and enjoy free calling facility of zoom application.

All the facilities like video conferencing, chatting, etc are available with zoom application.


  1. Free calling website application that meets all the need of teleconferencing and video calling.
  2. See all the participants at a time by scrolling the mobile screen from left to right or vice versa.
  3. One can mute himself/herself while listening to others opinion.


Unlike Skype zoom is not totally free of cost. You will be able to make calls for 40 minutes, after which the call will be disconnected.

For uninterrupted calls you need to avail premium zoom service.

15. Messenger:

One of the greatest innovations of all time. Messenger can be easily used in mobile phones as well as on any personal computer. Messenger is also compatible with mac operating system.


  1. Absolutely free of cost. Only internet connection is required.
  2. Video calling, normal calling is possible by the use of messenger.
  3. Ideas can be expressed by means of various emojis and stickers.
  4. Messenger can be connected with your normal messaging application as well as with your Facebook account that makes texting very easy.
  5. You can find new people using messenger.
  6. Adds free experience.


  1. It consumes a lot of space in your mobile device
  2. If you use Facebook, it is mandatory for you to install messenger else it will be difficult for you to text your friends.
  3. It drains your mobile battery quickly.
  4. Messenger asks you for your permission to access all your contacts, gallery and also your messages without which you won’t be able to install messenger. Hence, this can lead to a threat to your privacy.

16. WhatsApp:

It is the most used mobile application now-a-days. Though WhatsApp is made for mobile devices it can also be used with any of your operating system. Simply what you have to do is to visit web.whatsapp.com and there you need to scan QR code from your mobile device. All your chats will be accessible in your personal device.


  1. Free Calling.
  2. Free Texting.
  3. Video Calling.
  4. Emojis and Stickers can be sent easily.
  5. Privacy settings can be changed manually, for example you can hide your last seen or read receipt.
  6. Easy to Use


  1. Often it is heard that WhatsApp accounts are being hacked, that leads to unhappy life.
  2. It is not possible to hide yourself from other unknown users using WhatsApp.
  3. Normal messages to inbox are not possible using WhatsApp.

The drawbacks of online calling         

Though online calls are the best ways to stay connected, yet free calling comes with the following downside:

  • Too many advertisements on the website can make the loading of the website difficult.
  • Limitations on the number of calls that can be made per day

Yet, if you are looking to save a lot, and talk a lot more, online free calling is the right way to go. 

Top 12 Free Chat Rooms Of 2020

There used to be a time when anonymous chat rooms were a craze with youth. Be it the Yahoo messenger or the AOL, it was amongst the most visited or downloaded products. Yet, in 2020, there are certain chat rooms that have still kept the early 2000s alive.

This article explores the best of 2020 when it comes to chatting rooms. But, before we do that, let us find out why are chat rooms still so exciting among the youth!

3 Reasons Why You Must Try Chat Rooms

i. Networking:

Well, as the word explains itself, being in a chatroom helps you to grow your network. It enhances new connections both within the nation or abroad. Moreover, it also improves communication skills, as you talk with people from different nations.

ii. Cultural knowledge:

With the anonymous chat rooms, you are giving yourself a chance to know more about the culture prevalent in one’s place. It gives you exposure to know what works in one’s nation and what not! Moreover, you can also clear out myths!

iii. Emotional support:

Often talking with the known people regarding your problems is not the right solution. Any sensitive problem can result in breaking off the relationship too. So, it is always a better decision to share it with someone anonymous. \

12 Chat Rooms You Must Give A Try In 2020

1. Amino:

If you have used Discord, you must also like Amino. It is excellent for people with a wide spectrum of likings. Unlike Discord, it provides a host of other options in terms of interests, and not restricted to only music. This is what makes Amino unique. Though it is free to use, it comes along with some in-app purchases too. You can make stories, polls, and even quizzes in your discussions to keep it dynamic.

2. Band:

Perfect for people who would prefer closed chats and conversations. You can also carry your work group, family or friends and experience the best chat experience. Many organizations are tuning in to Band due to its seamless operation. One thumb down will be the lack of control over the notifications, that buzz too much!

3. Discord:

Being a gamer’s favorite, this chat room can also be used by other users too. You must be wondering if it will have the user base. But, the truth is, you can enjoy the best chat room features with people having different interests, even in Discord. You can try out the open chat room to see if it fits your requirement. Moreover, this is a free chat room. If you wish to add up cosmetics like emojis, you can try the premium feature too. The free version includes seamless features like direct messages and voice notes also.

4. Grouvi:

Now, as we are writing about it, Grouvi has made a surprise entry to our list. This has lesser people in the chat rooms, yet it is open to all the topics of discussion. A trend is visible towards the technical topics, which makes it the next potential GitHub. Moreover, since it a very new platform, you can experience the latest chat room features with it. Free to use, ad-free and seamless experience is what makes Grouvi fourth in our list.

5. ICQ:

If you are nostalgic about the 90s, you must look no further than ICQ. It is a very ancient chat room, yet it has upgraded and updated its technology with time. You can find the best student group, age group-specific chats room, and new user chat rooms. Well, it must be said that the features provide let you a direct message, video call, and other cool features that any chatroom provides these days. Guess what, you can also try the open chats!

6. Meet Me:

Meet Me is a cross-over between Tinder and Discord! Well, this is the untold truth that the application does fail to have a proper sex ratio, which makes it fail as a standalone dating application. Yet, if you are looking forward to chatting and meet new people, this goes a long way. What makes it a chat room is you can still talk with unknown people, thus making it suitable for our list. With a large group of people, you might never get bored here! Too many people to talk with, yet there are still better options on our list!

7. Telegram:

The one messaging app which is gaining a lot of prominence in 2020 is Telegram. You can create your own channels and invite the people to your channel to create your own chatroom. Moreover, with the telegram, you can share a list of media, document files, and even voice recordings, which makes it the best chat room. The only thing with it is there is a lack of open chat rooms, but, if you are looking to make things professional, this is the right place!

8. Viber:

More like an updated version of Nimbuzz, you can use this for the calling, chatting, and video calls. It allows customized chat rooms as per your topic of discussion, which is why you must join here!

9. Whisper:

All the fans of twitter and old-styled chat rooms must log in to whisper. With the cool GUI and an excellent user base of 30 million active users, you must use it to get exposure to a wide range of people.

10. Zello:

Either talk to people in a walkie-talkie style, on the go or communicate just through texts, it is the coolest app in our list. The downside is the lack of public chats and lack of control over notifications.

11. Chatroulette:

Features include the video chat feature as well as the voice chat. Simple to use and even easier to load. One of the best features is no need to log in or register!

12. Chat For Free:

As the name suggests, chat with people all across the world without any registration. Free to use and even simpler with a variety of chatroom’s for all kinds of people. Must try in 2020 if you are looking for some fun!

Some Additions to free chat rooms

This is the continuation of the above article. Here in this we will be dealing with free chats room 2021

13. talkwithstrangers.com

Free Chatting Website

Talking with strangers is a free chat room that allows chatting with strangers without registration.

There are multiple free chat rooms available where you will be able to chat. You just have to provide anonymous nick name and there you will find 2 options mainly “Let’s Talk” and “Chatting Lounge”

Various Products of this website are mentioned below:

Chatting Original

Chatting Lounge

Public Chat Room

Random Chat without Login

Video Chatting

Finding of Lost Connection

Social Community

Beside Chat there are many games that are present in this website. They are mainly:

Adventure Time


Hexa Tetris

Free Chat Rooms are further divided into sub parts. They are:

Chat Rooms – Movie

Chat Rooms – Teenagers

Chat Rooms – News

Chat Rooms – Jokes

14. instachatrooms.com

Instant Free Chatting Room

Insta Chat Rooms is an exciting free chatting website that has some exciting features that has the capability to amaze many viewers. This free chat room also doesn’t require any kind of registration.

Key feature of Insta Chat Rooms

1. It has multiple chat rooms.

2. Gender filter is applicable.

3. Live video chat facility

4. Meeting new people everyday

Free Chat rooms contains

1. Random Chat.

2. Dating Chat.

3. Gay Chat.

4. Lesbian Chat.

5. Adult Chat.

Instachat rooms also has multiple chatting sites. They are Chatrandom, Chatspin, Shagle, Omegle, Flingster, Dirtyroulette

15. 321chat.com

Free Chat for Everyone

321chat.com was founded in 2002. The site claims that it is the longest running chat rooms of all times. Though 321chat.com is USA based free chatting website but it serves to be a free chatting website around the globe. One can chat with peoples belonging to any country.

321chat is also free chat rooms of 2021 that enables its users to chat at free of cost. In 321chat room registration is required but one can opt for guest login option that is available on their homepage.

Random username, provide your gender, age and prove that you are not a robot is all that is required.

321chat room is further divided into various sub parts such as Teen Chat, Adult Chat, Senior Chat, Kid Chat, Furry Chat, Religion Chat, Black Chat, Spanish Chat, Asian Chat etc.

16. camgo.com

Free Video Chat for Meeting New People

Camgo is a live chat and video chat platform that offers some services at free of cost. This platform works on artificial live cam and social network.

It also has safe search facility that filters user who uses vulgar and abusive languages. The system using artificial intelligence identifies such behaviour.

The advantage of this free chat website is that it shows how many people are online at a time. Both video as well as text chat facility is available. The only drawback of this free chat application is during applying filters. To apply filter you need to go for camo.com premium services.

There is also camgo plus service which charges around $19.99 for 1 month and $6.99 for 1 week. It is better to go for 1 month package as it saves 34% of the total amount in comparism with weekly package.

17. y99

y99.in in free chat rooms

y99 is a free chat platform where one will be able to talk to strangers without any kind of registration. Only you have to provide with a random anonymous user name.

Private messages to any profile can also be sent with the help of this website. Different free chat rooms can be created where you will be able to interact with different peoples of different ages.

By making friends you will be able to direct call through this website and even video calling is also possible

For random chat one of the biggest disadvantages of this website is you will not be able to determine the gender of the person with whom you are chatting. The only way to find the gender of the opposite person with whom you are chatting is by asking him or her about his/her gender

18. meetyou.me

Start making new friends by free chat 2021

Meet you is a free chats room 2021 that is very easy to use and easily understood by everyone. This free chatting application is similar to y99. No feature of meetyou is different from y99.

iPod Nano 3rd Generation


The iPod Nano 3rd Generation is available in 4 GB and 8 GB versions. The best thing is that this new versions have the same prices as their 2 Gb and 4 GB predecessors. If you’re interested in purchasing the new iPod Nano, you should know that the 4 GB models come only in silver, but the 8 GB one come in black, silver, red, light blue and dark blue (the red one is part of a project which fights disease in Africa).

If we’re talking about the aspect, then we have to say that the iPod Nano 3rd generation has that shiny-metal back as the full-size iPod does. That’s not really such a great idea because it scratches more than anodized metal and there are finger prints everywhere. It’s very comfortable and the Click Wheel is thinner and that means that it needs more precision when you are scrolling through the menu.

ipod nano g3

The Apple iPod Nano is wider because it was designed for a larger screen (2 inches, up from 1,5 inches). So you can watch videos just like on a larger iPod screen. Apple also made the screen with 65 percent brighter and it’s made if the same material as the previous iPods (rather that a durable optical glass used on the iPod Touch and on the iPhone).

You may say that the screen it’s too small, but the videos ca be watched with no problems. Also, the menu is really easy to use; the text is clear and easy to read. You can really say that the picture quality can be compared to the one of the iPhone, only it’s smaller. The dock connector port it’s placed on the bottom of the player and right next to it, it’s the headphones jack and the Hold switch. The dock connector port is placed in the center of the iPod’s bottom and it looks really good there and not awkward at all. Another good thing is that you can use any headphones you want with this iPod because it has a standard 1/8-inch plug.

As for the battery life, well, Apple says that if you’re watching videos, it will stay charged for about 5 hours. Now, it you’re listening music, then the battery can make up to 24 hours. Of course, the battery life can ne shorter if you frequently skip songs or if you use the iPod’s backlight for extended periods. We can say that iPod Nano 3rd generation is actually a winner because it’s been improved in almost every way and now it’s only a smaller version of the iPod Classic.

ipod nano g3

The only thing that you have to get use to is the smaller Click Wheel, the smaller screen and less storage. Instead you get an iPod with a smaller price and that matters if you want an iPod and of you don’t have the money to het one.The iPod Nano 3rd generation is really practical and it’s easy to use one. Because of it’s size, you won’t feel it like something uncomfortable, it’s almost perfect.

iPhone vs. Blackberry


In the smartphone market, two stars have a lot of fans and get constant publicity: iPhone and Blackberry. Of course there are on market also HTC and Palm, but Apple and RIM have quite large market shares, and the big battle on this market is for sure between these two companies, and especially between these two products. Q3 2008 was the historical moment when iPhone went ahead of BlackBerry, and this was because Apple sold 6.9 million phones, and RIM only 6.1. iPhone or BlackBerry is a pretty tough question for geeks, and it would be interesting to compare these two products and see what are differences, and find out which are the aspects that make one phone or another better.

I think it’s fair to compare the higher end BlackBerry phones (Bold, Curve, Storm) with the 3G iPhone. It would be silly to compare iPhone 3G with BlackBerry Pearl, which doesn’t cost more than $50. Basically this is just an overall comparison, between more aspects of these smartphones.

A very important thing is that iPhone and BlackBerry markets are starting to overlap. If the iPhone is the media consumer’s dream, with a lot of possibilities to play movies and music easily, it might not be the perfect product for a corporate user. A lot of companies have resisted the temptation of allowing the employees to use iPhone in the corporate network. Analysts speculate that currently, Apple is working on a corporate friendly product which will integrate a third party to handle the e-mail issue.

BlackBerry has been for a long time, the staple of corporate users who needed e-mail and calendar features, but RIM, recently has changed a little bit this strategy and added to the newer versions of BlackBerry some cool entertainment features. Now, RIM products have cameras which shoot both still and video images, they play music, and some voices say that RIM is working on BlackBerry 9000, which should have touchscreen and it might be very similar to Apple’s iPhone.In the matter of applications, I saw a very interesting utility created for BlackBerry. A smart guy wrote an application for his BlackBerry which would allow him to ignore some calls automatically, if they were from a particular number. The application allowed a good command on the smartphone, and even if the call still rang, it was immediatly ignored. Actually, BlackBerry doesn’t have very interesting applications. There are some free applications, but they seem to be second rate at best, and the prices are quite strange for the paid apps. On the other hand, iPhone is an application heaven. Developers are encouraged to create, design and sell their applications, and iPhone App Store has a lot of interesting apps; you can find a quite wide range of utilities for iPhone there. Many of them make life easier, and they allow you to do this in the palm of your hand. There is Urbanspoon, which randomly selects the nearest restaurants for you with the shake of the iPhone. I heard voices saying that iPhone applications can be easily compared to wives, because they tell you everything, from where to eat, to what to wear and how should you combine your blue T-shirt with that brand new pair of jeans. Due to the overhelming availability of applications and all the encouragement by Apple for developers to design their own applications, iPhone is pretty cool on this aspect.

In the physical attributes arena, I would say that iPhone has a minus, because it might seem quite fragile. Many tests proved that the iPhone is actually durable, and there are also a lot of protection products specially designed for iPhone, from cases to rubber sleeves. The touchscreen and the motion sensibility are pretty cool, and you can play games by tilting the phone or zoom with a finger slide. BlackBerry Storm doesn’t even come close to this, but the durability is the strongest factor of this smartphone. The worst problem with a BlackBerry I’ve heard until now was it got scratches on the back after it was turned on the table too many times. Maybe it was just a boring meeting, right? Even if it is run over by a truck, this little miracle smartphone holds its form, and avoids cracks. More than this, it doesn’t lose a key. This smartphone was designed for business and travel, and I tend to believe that the key factor is its durability. For sure, this section is won by BlackBerry.

I don’t think I have to explain more about gaming, because we all know the huge variety of games created for iPhone, and all the opportunities and manners we could play them, and we all know that BlackBerry has Brickbreaker. Well I think it’s clear. In this section, the prize goes to iPhone and its thousands of games in the App Store.

BlackBerry is far superior to iPhone, concerning the ease of mobile e-mail and the connectivity to Microsoft Exchange SErver. BlackBerry may have a slower CPU, but it is ok for the office applications installed on it. If this smartphone it’s secure enough for President Obama to use, I think it’s clear that in this aspect BlackBerry has a plus point. iPhone has larger storage capacity, a faster CPU and much more RAM. iPhone is the best anti-productivity phone. Lately, iPhone became compatible too with Exchange Server, and this is a huge step in integrating this product with the business. Each of these phones has its advantages and disadvantages on these sectors,so BlackBerry wins for security and business use, and iPhone is the best for personal use.

The bottom line is 3-3, and this means that they are both great products, but he we have seen a lot of people who own a BlackBerry for business stuff, and in the other pocket they carry an iPod Touch, for all the entertainment offered and for portable gaming needs. From its gaming to its thousands of unique applications, iPhone is the device everybody wants to carry even if they have a Blackberry.

iPhone Software Update 2.2.1


I love Tom & Jerry. I think there’s no “too old” when talking about those two immortal cartoon characters. When I heard that some people were trying to ban them because “violence,” I saw red. Those people deserve to be shot in their knees and left in the middle of the desert! Anyway, you probably ask yourselves about the connection between Apple and Tom & Jerry, so here it is – I think Apple and those involved in jailbreaking the iPhone are playing a cat and mouse game.

To make it clear, here’s how it works – as soon as those jailbreaking guys get closer to jailbreaking the current iPhone sofware, BAM! Apple strikes with a new one! After all, they kept releasing updates for over a year now, but no copy/paste feature has been added yet, so don’t tell me “Apple is listening to its customers,” I won’t buy that! They may be listening to them in other cases, but not now!

These being said, let’s take a look at the iPhone software update 2.2.1, released only a few hours ago by Apple… since the official iPhone page still shows 2.2 as being the last firmware available, which makes it even more interesting.
<-300×250 Medium Rectangle – center->
The iPhone software update 2.2.1 is as large as 246.4MB, and it is said to “improve the general stability of Safari,” as well as being able to fix “an issue where some images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the Camera Roll.”

On the other hand, the iPod Touch owners updating their software will take advantage of the fixes above, but they’ll also have one less issue to worry about – some Apple Losless files that had problems until now will work fine from now on.

As you probably figured out already, the iPhone software update 2.2.1 will work with both iPhone and iPod Touch generations, and performing the update is done as always – fire up iTunes 8, connect the device, select it, and click “Check for Update,” then “Download and Install,” followed by a few beers, until the process is done.

Ta-taaa! …and the cat and mouse game goes on, and on, and on…