Obama Gives the Queen an iPod


What can you get for the Queen, one of the few persons who have  everything? It seems like president Barak Obama has found the solution:  an iPod. Don’t worry, Queen Elizabeth II of England knows how an iPod works. She has another iPod, a 6GB Silver Mini Version bought at the suggestion of Prince Andrew. This time, on April (2009), Obama gives the queen an iPod.

Is seems that it contains video footage and photos of her visit in 2007 in America. This is not all, the President also gave Queen Elizabeth a  rare songbook signed Richard Rodgers. But what did The Queen gave to  Barak Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama? The answer is a silver–framed photo of herself and of her husband (Prince Phillip).

Obama gives the queen an iPod

Obama’s gift was a better one that The Queen’s gift, but let’s not  forget that Barak Obama surprised England’s Prime Minister (Gordon  Brown) with an “interesting” present. What was that? Well, for those of you who don’t remember/know, that gift was a box set of 25 movie DVDs (march, 2009). This was a bad idea because it seemed like a cheap present. Another problem was that American DVDs cannot be seen by using the  players that British have.

Now it doesn’t matter what happened because Obama had a better idea with the Queen’s iPod.  Her iPod contains  40 tunes from most of the  popular Broadway productions such as South Pacific, e West Side Story and My Fair Lady.

You can see that Obama loves technology because he had a  very tech-savvy presidential campaign. Besides this, he admitted he has a BlackBerry addiction. For a few years, The White House’s Web site has been available for online questions for Obama’s online town hall meeting.

Now, the question is:  was The Queen happy with her present? Her  majesty declared that she was “delighted” with her meeting. The American  President didn’t say anything about the gift he received from Queen  Elizabeth. The only thing that we can do is guess that the silver frame wasn’t such a bad present (compared to 25 movie DVDs).

The new Queen’s iPod contains video footage of the moment Her Majesty visited Virginia when George Bush was still a President. Bush suggested  that Queen Elizabeth should help and come to America’s celebration of  bicentennial in 1776 (not 1976). At that time, Bush made a joke and said about  The Queen that: She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.

Obama gives the queen an iPod

The Queen and her husband entertained Barak Obama and The First Lady  in her private audience room. This room is especially used for private meetings with the leaders that come in visit. The room has a view of the  palace gardens with thousands of flowers.

If you were surprised by the title Obama gives The Queen an iPod now  you know that her Majesty already had one, and we can only think that she was happy to receive a new version, a better one. And besides that,  this new iPod contains some of her favorites songs, so why shouldn’t The  Queen be happy?

Apple Macbook Air


In October of 2008, Apple announced the second generation of the MacBook Air. It was released at not even one year distance of the first generation of MacBook Air. Apple hurried with the second model because it knew that the first generation had its days numbered. The first MacBook model was too expensive, lacked too many features and eventually, after the attribute “new” got old, the sales were about to flop. Unfortunately a good piece of hardware (and software) like the MacBook Air was simply understood as being a “must” for those who don’t really know how money are earned (here we can include spoiled teens and young adults).

The new MacBook Air is basically identical to the old model. The only visible change is the Mini Display Port connector that replaces the micro DVI connector (Apple did this in order to ensure for the new MacBook Air the possibility of being connected to the new 24 inches LED Cinema Displays). Apple developed the Mini Display Port from a standard Display Port. By doing so, Apple became the only hardware company to offer a Mini Display Port. The most consistent feature of the new MacBook Air is probably the embedded NVIDIA 9400M chipset (the same found on the MacBook and the MacBook Pro line).

Apple Macbook Air

The 2009 MacBook Air suffered a drop price. By doing so, Apple is trying to add to its list of Air customers, people that actually buy for objective reasons this device. Apple offers two configurations. The first one starts from $1.499 and offer an Intel Core 2 Duo processor 1,86 GHz with 1066 MHz front side bus, 2GB RAM DDR 3, 120 GB SATA hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics. The second configuration available for the Air brings an Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2,13 GHz with 1066 MHz front side bus, 2 GB RAM DDR 3 memory (6 MB of L2 cache), 128 GB solid state drive and the same NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics at a price listing of $1.799.

Compared directly to the old model, the new Air has upgraded its RAM memory from the 667 MHz DDR 2 to the new 1.066 MHz DDR 3. The new 120 GB serial ATA hard drive is a boost from the rather small 80 GB parallel ATA hard drive from the 2008 Air. Also improved were: the L2 cache – from 4 MB to nearly 6MB, a faster front side bus – from 800 MHz to 1.066 MHz. also improved is the graphic chipset, from the integrated GMA X3100 to the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. Even if MacBook Air is the thinnest notebook from its range, it still has good competitors (and less expensive).

Apple Macbook Air

The most important manufacturer that rivals the Apple Air is Sony with TP3XP, Vaio TZ and the Vaio TT. Sony, however, has a common feature that lacks completely from both new and old Air models, a built in disc drive. The MacBook Air design is flawless. The brushed aluminum chassis is a true work of art. The new MacBook Air also benefits from the new aluminum unibody design. The benefit from this design is the durability. The revolutionary unibody design replaces many parts with just one and results in a clean, seamless appearance. The dimensions of this notebook are incredible. With a height of 0.4 – 1.94 cm, wide of 32.5 cm, deep of 22.7 cm, Air only weights 1.36 kg. Even if it is an extremely small notebook, MacBook Air sports a glossy 13.3 inches LED backlit display with up to 16.7 million colors. LED technology makes the Air more power efficient; therefore the battery will last longer. Also this display is mercury free and has arsenic free glass.

Apple Macbook Air

The display supports various resolutions with a native 1280 x 800 pixels with 16:10 aspect ratio. MacBook Air also features a pretty good keyboard, with good features like backlit keys. Also it has a built in ambient light sensor that will automatically adjust keyboard illumination and display brightness for optimal visibility. The track pad sports the multi touch technology.

Because of the Mac operating system you can successfully use all multi touch features. The connectivity is ensured by Wi-Fi wireless networking based on 802.11n specification (but it is also compatible with 802.11 a/b/g) and built in Bluetooth 2.1 plus enhanced data rate. A huge drawback for this great device is the lack of peripheral connections. Therefore the MacBook Air only sports the Mini Display Port, 1 x USB 2.0 port and the audio out 3.5 mm jack. Don’t think you are going to have a great music experience with the Air because you can’t, it only has a built in mono speaker. Therefore the Air must be connected to good speakers in order to enjoy music. These bad features are saved by the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphic processor with 256 MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory.

Apple Macbook Air

The MacBook Air battery is a lithium polymer with only 40 Wh; therefore a not so great standby time is expected. However Apple appreciates that the Macbook Air is capable of up to 5 hours wireless activity. With prices from $1,499 to $1,799 (without any other customized features) the MacBook Air is shipped with a 45W Mag Safe Power Adapter, AC wall plug, and power cord, USB Ethernet adapter (for your only USB port), Install and Restore DVD, display polishing cloth and mandatory printed and electronic documentation. Overall this is an excellent notebook, but not for everyone, it is in some way exclusivist. But even so don’t get fouled. If you buy this MacBook only because it is expensive and you want to make a statement, then you are wasting your money. This MacBook is only for people who need the maximum portability from a light weighted notebook.

Apple TV


In this article you will find the steps that you have to take in consideration in case that you want to rent movies with Apple TV in UK. Nowadays, in the technology increasing world you have the possibility to download directly from the Internet your favorite movies. Thanks to this process you don’t have to go to the movie rental place in order to check out the newest shows and movies. Thanks to the Internet we can stay at home and we can watch our favorite shows with just one click.

It is important to know about the Apple TV that gives you the possibility to connect to the network from where you can download some movies or you can even watch them directly through the network. In case that you have an iTunes user account you can easily sign in to this service where you can choose between different applications and movies. In order to rent a movie with Apple TV in UK you have to follow some basic steps.

Apple TV

First of all, you have to turn on your gadget and you have to verify if your system contains the newest updates. This is considered an important process because you have to download the newest movie watching software program in order to enjoy the movies on the highest quality. You can do the updating process monthly because in this case you will get the new programs for free. The step number two is to sign in with your user name at iTunes and click with the mouse cursor on the “Settings” menu. Soon appears a window from where you have to select the “General” and the “iTunes Store”. It is very important to select from the appeared list the shows and the movies which are compatible with your Apple TV. It is very important to know that only the members who leave in the United States can use the iTunes’s rental service.

Apple TV

After you have selected the movie that you want to enjoy, all you have to do is to tap the “Download” button and wait a few minutes until the downloading process will be finished. Don’t forget that you can only enjoy the movies if your account is active and your password is accepted. In order to find easily the shows, my advice for you is to select from the website’s upper side the “Movies” option and type in the “Search Box” the movie’s name that you want to download. You have the possibility to choose between different movie genres including drama, animation, mysteries, romantic and many others. In case that you want to read a description about the movie that you want to download you have to press the “Play” button. The downloading process’s period it depends on your Internet’s speed. In order to download the movie fast, you have to make sure that your network connection it is extremely fast. Usually, the downloaded movies will appear in the “Rented Movies” category and you can watch them in a 24 hour interval because after this period most of the movies will expire and you have to rent them again.

About Things To Come


Since this is the first article on this site, I thought it would be nice to have a proper introduction, especially since 2008 could be an excellent one for Apple, and for BindApple, as well. First of all, welcome to this site! Next, let’s see what should you expect from us in the near and not-so-near future…

About Things To Come

Despite the fact that conclusions about Apple’s year will be drawn about one year from this moment, Apple’s 2008 will start at full speed, as usual, with the usual Macworld Conference & Expo which is going to be take place at The Moscone Center, in San Francisco…

The informational part of this year’s Macworld is going to start on the 14th of January, while the Expo will open on the 15th. Both of them will finish on the 18th, so this is going to be the most prolific period for Apple news and events of the year.

On BindApple, apart from news regarding Apple’s software and hardware products, you’re going to find the hottest gadgets for your Mac, iPod, iPhone, because I know a lot of people are crazy about such things, and I must admit I like most of them, too!

I’ll leave you for now, but be sure I’ll get back tomorrow with the most interesting Apple news of the day, as it’s going to happen for a long time, from now on.

At last… Welcome to BindApple, and may this day be remembered as the birth date of what’s going to become one of the best Apple-related sites on the Web!

Apple Ipad 3g


Apple is a multinational American corporation that produces and market iPod, iPad, iPhone.

The apple iPad was released on April 2010 and since then the sales are big. Nowadays it’s important to have performing gadgets that help us to do our daily jobs.

apple ipad 3g

The apple ipad 3g is a computer designed and developed by Apple. It’s marketed for movies, music, games, e-mail web access and many other applications. You can purchase it from the representation, stores or online stores. It’s good to buy it from the representation because you have the guarantee that the gadget is original and also they can make you good offers.

For example if you buy an apple iPad they can give to you some accessories for it such as leather case which is very useful because it protects very well your apple ipad 3g from scratches. You can easy care it with you wherever you go because it’s a relatively small gadget. It has only 700 g which is intermediate between smartphones and laptops. It’s so nice that you can work and travel in the same time. This gadget is a combination between performance and nice design.

It has a lot of applications. You can download them directly from the App Store or from specialized web sites. You can also buy accessories for your ipad from stores or online.

The apple ipad it’s equipped with 3g and Wi-Fi technology which are very useful because through them you can connect to the internet and download applications for it.

It has a large memory space: 16 gb and you can put a lot of music, movies and what else you want on it.The iPad runs the same operating system like the iPod and iPhone (initially iPhone OS 3.2, with an update to iOS 4 announced to fall 2010). This apple ipad 3g is controlled by a multitouch display sensitive to fingertip contact with eleven fingers.

This ipad is equipped with a powerful battery that can provide you power for 10 hours of internet surfing or listening to music. You can charge it via Usb to your computer.

apple ipad 3g

Here you have the best way to stay connected anytime. Just take a look and see if you like the offer. Here you can buy some accessories for your iPad. Are not so expensive and can help to keep your iPad away from scratches.

apple ipad 3g

All in all, if you want a performing gadget that will help you to do your daily job then the iPad is the perfect solution for your problems. It’s not so expensive in the report with the characteristics that it has. You can purchase it from representation. Enjoy the apple ipad 3g and its applications. You can download them from App Store or from specialized web site for free or for a small amount of money.

Apple Ipad Screen Protector


The most famous and very well advertised iPad has finally reached the market, but the pre-ordering lists were huge, so the demand for this device is still pretty much high, despide of the economic crisis and all. I know that this device that was produced by Apple is really interesting and unique, that it offers incredible features, but not everybody can afford to spend $500 on such a device. And the people who afford to do this want to protect their investment because you can’t just throw away your money and use it unprotected.

Apple iPad protector

It may be very advanced in technology, but it is not made of steel, so it can be easily damaged. If you drop it or even keep it in your pocket without a case or something to protect it, you will immediately notice scratches and spots and cracks in the case and, believe me, this is not something you enjoy watching. So, of course, immediately after you purchased this device, you started looking for some possible ways of protecting it. The first choice is to buy an iPad case, but they are not so easy to find and if you do not find the right size and the right material, you will certainly be frustrated and angry. And, besides this, the case may be sometimes uncomfortable when using your iPad because it makes some of your moves and commands clumsy. So the next right thing to do is look for an Apple iPad protector.

Now that the iPad is finally released on the market, there are many companies that hurried to come up with all these accessories for the iPad and the offer most of the times includes a protective shiled for your iPad. Apple has not manufactured any of these protective and transparent shields or cases or whatever they may be called, so do not excpect to find an Apple accessory as well. However, they are pretty good, succeeding to accomplish the task they were designed for. First of all there are two different models for this <strong>Apple iPad screen protector</strong>: it may be part of the iPad case and it covers the screen when you place your device inside the case and the second type is a separate shield made of plastic or some kind of similar material that applies directly to the screen.

Apple iPad protector

It protects the iPad screen from getting scratched or from displaying the so inaesthetic fingerprints all over the surface of your iPad. It is transparent and offers a perfect image of the screen, without blurring it or interfering in any way. On the contrary, when you use this protective shield, you no longer see that spark ot reflection of the light from the iPad screen that bothers the eyes. It applies very easily, as it attaches directly on the surface of the screen, but you should clean your iPad first in order to avoid catching any dirt underneath it or making bubbles . You can easily detach it and it won’t leave any glue marks on your iPad and it is washable, too. It does not affect he touch screen function and is very efficient.

Apple Satisfaction, 2009 Report


I guess I must be getting old, because otherwise I see no reason for me not to remember when we talked about Apple’s customer satisfaction level. Oh, yeah, it was sometimes last year, that’s for sure! Now, the time has come for some “Apple satisfaction” once again, although I must confess I wasn’t surprised at all to see the image below…

The story is very simple – as the latest report from ChangeWave Research shows, overall spending for both desktops and notebooks is going all the way down, since it has hit its lowest point in the last two years. Considering the fact that desktops released in the last 2-3 years can handle most daily tasks today, except some games, maybe, I wasn’t surprised to see that only 4% of respondents plan to buy a new desktop in the next 90 days, and 6% notebooks.

This may be roughly half of the planned demand expressed in 2007, but I think about me and I get the answer – I got a new dual-core machine with 2GB of memory and a decent video card at the end of 2007, and in the meantime I added a larger hard drive, and I won’t get a new computer at least for another year. It has nothing to do with the crisis, it’s all abut the need to get a new computer.

Now, speaking about Apple, we see them grabbing over 25% of the purchase intentions in both desktop and notebook markets, but when it comes to “Apple satisfaction…” 81% of those who got some Apple computers said they are very happy with their new machines, while ASUS got the second place with 67%, followed by Acer and Sony, with 61% and 56%.

No words about Vista satisfaction this time, and I think things are clear – there can be such a thing only for masochists!

Unique and Fantastic Features of GetInsta


Do you want to become Insta famous? Do you want to have your pictures break the internet on Instagram like Kim Kardashians? Do you want to be the next Kylie Jenner or Dwayne’the Rock’ Johnson? The most significant achievement of the 21st century has been Instagram’s growth, where likes and followers give you a platform to earn money.

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is an Instagram marketing tool that gives auto followers and likes saving you time that would be wasted by manually following others or creating a post to get followers. GetInsta gives you real followers and likes and not bots.

How to Use GetInsta

It gives you free followers and likes and also auto liker.   To get free Instagram followers and likes on GetInsta, you need to sign up or log in, click on the 100% Go winning, wait for your coins, download the GetInsta app, use it online, and claim your coins.

 For free likes and followers, you have to like or follow or both so that you can earn free coins. These coins help you get free followers or likes. If you do not have time to get the coins from the likes and follows, you can purchase coins as illustrated below.

Amazing features of GetInsta

  1. All followers and Instagram auto liker are real and not bots. They are active and sent within a reasonable amount of time to ensure no risk of the account being banned.
  2. GetInsta is secure and does not require passwords
  3. It is available for Android and iPhone, and you can also go online without downloading the app.
  4. GetInsta is fun to use as its interface is like a game. You have to give likes and follows in exchange for coins at a specific time. When the time is over, you have to wait until it recharges, and then you can play against it.
  5. GetInsta Support team is always available at any time of the day and ready to answer any difficulties working on their system.
  6. GetInsta’s team is experienced and professional. They offer instant solutions and are always helpful to get someone likes and followers.

Customer Reviews

  • Happy Yadav, a You Tuber, and Blogger, “GetInsta has helped me increase followers and views on his Instagram.”
  • Carrie-Ann Edmonds, a college student, “I was popular on Twitter but not on Instagram. After downloading GetInsta, I gained lots of followers and likes easily.”
  • Melvin Warner, “I do not need to use the money to get followers and likes.”

Since I do not require any money to access the services, I can give likes and follow for coins that I use to get likes and follow on my Instagram page. I am loving using GetInsta since it does not have those adverts that are always popping on the screen when you are using it.

After using GetInsta and gaining followers, Free Instagram likes, and auto likes, I can vouch for this Instagram marketing app. It is not only safe and secure, but it gives you real followers and likes. It is essential since I want to grow my Instagram and earn money from it. Will I continue using GetInsta? Yes, I definitely will. Would I recommend GetInsta to someone or an organization? Yes, I totally would. GetInsta is a free marketing tool that has ignited my passion for Instagram again.

Three Things to Remember When Hiring an AC Technician


AC units have become a vital part in both commercial and domestic settings for obvious reasons. They are important for keeping an ideal temperature within a certain environment as well as for maintaining the air quality through proper ventilation methods. Since these are imperative units, you should be careful when hiring someone to take care of an AC unit, or to install a brand new one.

Finding an AC technician sounds simple, however, there are many factors to be considered. Especially, if you want to make the right investment decisions, you need high-end services that worth your money. Frankly, not all AC specialists are alike, and only a few professionals will have what it takes to satisfy all your needs. Here are the three most important things that you need to keep in mind when hiring an AC technician, if you want the best services for your money!

Always choose a reputed company

Whether you are planning to fix an AC unit in your office space or in your home, you need to choose a service provider with a proven professional record. Reputation can speak volume, and choosing a reputed professional will always guarantee good results. Even though you might find dozens of AC companies and professional individuals with a few clicks of a button, not all of them will have what it takes to provide a decent service.

air conditioning installation sydney
Image Source: Pexels

That is why you need to filter out your options to find the best and the most reputed service companies. They might have higher fees or rates; however, these reputed companies will always make sure to satisfy their customers, which means that you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Focus on the location

A well-reputed professional is important; however, you might not get the full value of their services if they are located miles away from your location. Once installed, these AC units will have to be repaired and maintained regularly. It simply means that you will have to hire the same company or the AC technician to take a look at your AC unit from time to time.

If their service stations are too far away from you, you might have to pay extra money for their services. Therefore, always look for professionals near you. For instance, if you look for service providers that give you a service such as air conditioning installation Sutherland shire will have dozens of reliable options available.

Price matters

Frankly, most AC technicians will have standard service rates. However, that can vary depending on the type of service, their reputation levels as well as on your requirements. That is why you should always consider the prices in advance. When you know the quoted prices, you will be able to make better and more logical decisions, without much hassle. In addition, you should always make sure to check whether they are authorized to sell certain units because if not, you will most likely not get the services and results that you desire and worth your money.

Lay It Away Payment Plan Explained


Since the economy has been affected globally, merchants and sellers have come up with various strategies to alleviate the financial burden of the consumers and with them not going out of business because of the lack of customers. One of these strategies is offering a lay it away payment.

If you are unfamiliar with this payment plan that has been a lifesaver for those who are in need of an expensive item but did not have the financial resources to pay for it in full, read below to fully understand how this payment scheme works and if you will benefit from it.

Not all stores have a lay it away payment scheme

Not all stores offer the lay it away payment plan and not all of the store’s products could be purchased using this payment scheme. In order to fully understand the terms and conditions of this scheme since it may vary from store to store or product to product, check first with the store’s lay it away department.

Some stores even process application for layaway online. At least with this, you would be informed of the terms and conditions without having to visit the physical store and realizing that the store’s payment scheme is not suitable to your budget.

layaway online
Image Source: Pexels

You need to pay some fees

Of course, with every other payment plan, there would be some processing fees included. First, you need to pay for the product or item’s deposit which is typically 10% of the item’s full price. So, before applying for the plan, calculate the 10% and see if you have the amount to reserve the item. As for the processing fee, this is usually a minimal amount only but check to see beforehand to make sure that your money is enough.

You could choose the length of your plan

You would have the option to pay weekly, biweekly or monthly. The plan will not last longer than a year since this payment scheme is considered to be a short-term payment plan only. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have already incorporated it in your budget to avoid struggling with the payment. If you receive your salary every end of the month, you’d be better off paying for the item monthly. But if you are getting paid weekly, then you could choose the weekly plan to make paying for the item simpler.

You could only take the item home once your balance is $0

This is obviously the case but don’t expect that you could cajole the merchant into giving you the product before you made the last payment even if you have been a good client and there are no delays in your payment. Once your balance is $0, you are legally and officially the owner of the item you have been paying for.

This payment scheme has its merits but still, it is better if you read the fine print of the contract before you agree. Make sure a policy is included about returns and what would happen if and when the establishment goes out of business while you are still paying for the item.