How To Replace iDisk, Part II


In Transmit when you are doing an operation on one of the files, this will happen right away. If you delete a file then Transmit is going to remove it from the remote server. If you perform a double-click on a file or if you select it from an open dialog then Transmit is going to download and cache a version on which you will be able to work.

Once you save it, Transmit will send the updated version on the remote server where it will replace the current copy. The downside of Transmit which is also the disadvantage of iDisk would have to be that the user’s interaction with the content is related to the broadband connection’s speed on which the user operates.

What this means is that if you want to do a double-click on a 50MB file in order to edit it then Transmit will make you wait until the file with the size of 50MB has been downloaded locally. The same situation applies for when you make a change to the file and save it as the updated version will be uploaded again. As far as Net Disk is concerned, just is just like iDisk but with the sync option activated. We should mention that this would have to be an extension of the Mirror feature in Interarchy and the user has the possibility to select if Net Disk will synchronize the modifications to the computer, from the computer to the server or in both ways. In most of the cases, the user prefers both so that it can simulate a real volume. It is important to note that when you will make a first Net Disk mount and have Both Ways or Download mirroring set in the Mirror Mode, the program is going to do a copy of all of the remote files and after this happens the changes will be synchronized back & forth. So, when you are saving on the Net Disk an updated file, this file will be saved immediately locally and Interarchy will be uploaded in the background. Needless to say, Interarchy is not really recommended when you are operating with large files where there are involved lots of GB of traffic so for those situations you might want to consider Transmit.

In order to create a mountable disk in Interarchy you have to choose File > New Net Disk and after that select from the Protocol menu the type of connection. Next, enter the connection’s credentials. You should know that Interarchy is going to fill in the Local field on its own with the server’s name if no path has been set, or with the last directory if there is a path established. You are able to modify this by accessing Set and after that picking your preferred local folder. We recommend leaving Mirror Mode set to Both Ways. The final step is to click on Mount. For Transmit, choose one of the available connection methods, enter the suitable details and after that click on Mount as Disk. For unmounting the disk from the Finder you must access File > Eject “Volume Name” and after that press Command-E. You are going to view this drive in a Finder window from where you can hit on the Eject button or you can do a right-click on that volume and choose Eject.

Adding More Desktop Spaces In OS X Lion, Part II


After you have launched an application and after that set it to the full-screen mode, you should know that a space dedicated to that application is going to be created automatically. However, you should be aware of the fact that not all apps support this full-screen mode. To find out if a certain app has this feature, look at the upper right corner of the app’s interface to check and see if there is a pair of arrows.

Once you are running an application in full-screen mode, the app’s thumbnail is going to appear in Mission Control at the thumbnail list’s end with the app’s name instead of Desktop 1, Desktop 2, Desktop 3, etc.

If you want to add desktop spaces via Mission Control, these new spaces are going to be added before the full-screen app, but the good news is that you are able to move this full-screen app by clicking & dragging. It is important to mention that adding new spaces after you have moved the full-screen app, these new spaces are going to be added to the list’s end. Keep in mind that you will not be able to delete the full-screen application space when in Mission Control as the X button we mentioned in the first part of the article does not appear. After you have created enough spaces to manage your work, you should know that there are several convenient methods for switching between these spaces. You’re able to use Mission Control and once you open it you can choose the space that you want to use. By using your Mac’s keyboard, you have the possibility to press & hold the Control button and after that tap the left or right arrow keys. For those that have a trackpad, we suggest swiping left/right with three fingers. For both methods, we recommend opening up Mission Control and arranging the spaces in a suitable order. Remember that these switching methods are moving through the available spaces in a linear way so you won’t be able to jump from Desktop 2 to Desktop 5.

We should also mention that in Mission Control you are able to move those apps that are not full screen between the spaces. To do this you have to select the space with the application and after that in Expose choose the app window. Next, all you have to do is drag the window wherever you want. If you are not using Mission Control, you are able to move an app or a window to the previous or next space by clicking & dragging the application window to the screen’s left or right edge. There’s also another method for switching between the available spaces. You have to open the application in the Dock or you can press Command-Tab and after that choose the app. You will be essentially switching to the application itself, but if you have set up the application in a certain space, the computer is going to switch to that place, with a few exceptions.

MacBook Pro Keyboard Is Not Working


MacBook Pro is a great laptop with many great features, but sometimes there is trouble in paradise, meaning that even MacBook can have some problems. One of the problems MacBook Pro has is the fact that its keyboard doesn’t respond from time to time.

We are sure that many of you had at least once this kind of problem with their MacBook Pro and you find yourselves in the situation when the trackpad works just fine, but the keyboard is not working. The simplest solution to this problem is to restart the laptop and it works most of the time because the problem is not the keyboard itself it the whole laptop, maybe the operating system has a problem or maybe a new software or application just installed make your MacBook Pro keyboard non-functional.

This isn’t just a MacBook problem, many computers have it and many times it is about the operating system or new software installed. If your keyboard responds after you restarted your computer, this could be the case we are talking about, but if the keyboard randomly stops responding and then starts to work like nothing happened, you should call AppleCare because it could be a bigger problem.

If your keyboard is unresponsive and after you restarted your MacBook Pro works just fine, try to download the latest software available for your operating system including keyboard update and see if the software just installed makes your keyboard work. If you can’t work with your trackpad try a USB keyboard or a wireless keyboard.

If your keyboard still doesn’t work after the restart and after the update, you should try to take out the battery of your MacBook Pro. You shouldn’t to this if your computer still has a warranty, because you will lose it, but if it doesn’t have you can try to take out the battery all by yourself. We are saying this because we found a forum online (check out where a MacBook user said that he found out the solution to its unresponsive MacBook Pro keyboard by removing the battery and seeing that the brown/darker orange cable was the one causing all the problems. The cable became warped because it had heated up too much and when the cable was pressed down the keyboard worked perfectly.

If you see this problem you should go to an authorized service to fix the cable, but if you need a temporary fix you should try to get a small piece of Scotch tape or any sticky tape and try to put the cable back into its place by rolling it up with the tape. After you did that, see if the keyboard is working by pressing the Caps Lock key.

If the keyboard is working put the battery back so that it presses on the ribbon cable and the sticky or the Scotch tape. In case you don’t want to mess around with your MacBooks Pro battery then you should take it to a service or try to press hard on the Caps Lock key and see if the keyboard works after that. We hope that this article will help you find the solution if your MacBook Pro keyboard is not working.

Adding More Desktop Spaces In OS X Lion


One of the great features of OS X Lion would have to be Spaces which gives the user the possibility to have several desktops which can prove to be more than useful especially for those that are working in more than just one app and also in different documents.

Let’s not forget that Spaces is also great for those that have just one display.

If you have several desktop spaces, most of the applications which are launched in a desktop space usually are dedicated to that space. One of the apps which you can use in order to manage the desktop spaces in OS X Lion is called Mission Control which can be launched from the Applications folder or the Launchpad. Once you open it you’ll notice two sections, with the main one occupying most of the screen’s center. It is called Expose and shows you the desktop of the Mac, helping you find the window you’re looking for on your computer. The desktop spaces are located on top of Expose and this is the places where you are able to manage Spaces. We have to mention that the available spaces look like thumbnails, with the first one being the Dashboard while the one next to it is the Desktop. If you want to add a new desktop by using Mission Control, you will have to move the cursor anywhere you want to the right of the aforementioned desktop thumbnail. Once you do this a pop-up that has a “+” symbol is going to appear in the screen’s upper right corner. After clicking on it, an additional desktop is going to appear. For deleting a desktop space all you have to do is move the cursor on the one that you want to get rid off and you’ll notice a circle that has an X on it which you have to press.

You might want to know that by holding down the Option button, that “X” is going to appear on all of your spaces, except of course for the Dashboard and Desktop 1. You also have the possibility of rearranging your desktop spaces by clicking and dragging them, with the exception of Dashboard and Desktop 1. We should mention that each of the desktops can have their own wallpapers. What you have to do is go to the desktop where you want to apply a different wallpaper and then modify it by accessing System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop. Another way of doing this would be by right-clicking on the desktop and after that choose Change Desktop Background. With Mission Control you can create as much as 15 desktop spaces so, in other words, you’ll have 16 desktops and the Dashboard as well. You will still be able to add new spaces even if you create all of the desktop spaces available in Mission Control by accessing the full-screen mode with an application. More about full-screen applications in the second part of the article where we will also talk about moving between spaces.

Small Businesses and iPad Applications


The iPad is a product of Apple, which is known as a small tablet computer designed for various purposes. Many people utilize this device for personal management, entertainment purposes and maintenance of social connection. The product has been won critical acclaim worldwide. Thus, the company is working on the future and advanced generations of iPad to be introduced in the coming period. However, many people are unaware of the complete usage of the facilities available in this machine. Access to around 270,000 applications is a major benefit of this device. Subsequently, these applications can be utilized for educational and personal purposes as well as the expansion of businesses. In fact, Pad applications have become a great booster for small businesses.

You must be wondering about the exact usage of the Apps for carrying out business and earning profits. There are many ways, which can assist you to use these applications for expanding the industry which is currently at the small level. Following are some applications that are most popularly used by the investors and producers.

Office documents and record-keeping: The most important part of your office work is to keep records of the transactions done with the clients. Also, maintaining records of employees is another vital task. For a small business, not many entrepreneurs can afford large database services. For such employers, following Apps can be of use:

Pages: It helps to create and edit different documents like brochures and letters.

Keynote: This application is extensively used to create and show presentations, project reports, and Annual reports.

Quickoffice Pro HD: If you want to use Microsoft documents on your computer, you can add and edit them by using Quickoffice.

GoodReader: This facility can be used to view and share all documents that are saved on your iPad.

MobilEcho: It organizes and manages the secured access to file servers and provides data protection facilities.

SharePlus Office: It avails the opportunity of sharing the important documents with your colleagues and seniors. Also, you can access the information shared at a common share-point.

Maintaining reports and work-flows: For running any business successfully, planning and delegation of the duties are necessary. Unless you take down the business plan, you would not be able to get a clear idea of the implementation. To serve the similar purposes, the following applications can be used.

Jeppesen Mobile TC: This is an actually helpful application for the airlines business. Pilots can connect to the main terminal and access information of airways through this.

Board Vantage: It manages your board meetings by updating and storing the minutes of such conferences and providing access to related documents.

Numbers: The application works as a tool to create and share charts, calculating sheets and reports. You can add and edit data in these sheets to keep them updated.

Total for iPad: This a specially designed App for the architects. They can create and draw floor-plan or interior-plan when they are on a field visit.

FileMaker Go: It maintains and shares files. So, you can easily search for the files, restore them and share your business plan.

AutoCAD WS: You can use this facility to view and edit 3D files, which are important for planers and model designers in the civil engineering business.

Analyzing performance and accessing financial data: For expanding a business and achieving new opportunities, it is essential to make timely analysis and judgment of the performance. Also, you have to put yourself on the test to make a constant comparison with the competitors, so that you get motivated to perform in a better manner. You can use the following applications for this purpose.

Roambi: It is a kind of visualizer that provides various graphics and video reports for your analysis. You can use them to create business metrics.

SAP business projects: SAP is basically a financial reporting system. This application, based on the special SAP software, provides access to the company’s documents pertaining to economic statements.

Micro-strategy Mobile: It helps you to view updated charts and graphs along with visuals and forecasting reports.

Qlik view: It is a real-time commenter and showcase of your company’s financial status in the market.

PushBI Mobile: It is a kind of application that provides you with the performance and operations of key factors and important indicators with just one click.

Analytics HD: It showcases Google analytics for financial reports and charts. Thus, you can access such information without surfing the Internet.

Apart from these applications, still a large number of Apps are useful for various operations to be carried out by the businessmen. The proper and appropriate usage of these applications will help the small business to grow and to reach to new markets. Also, it assists to save money for larger operations by avoiding infrastructure and administration costs.

How to Choose the Right Web Designer


There are a lot of web designers out there. Unfortunately, there are relatively few good web designers … and even fewer good designers whose artistic sensibilities and the idea of perfection in a web page gels well with your own! If you take a methodical approach to hire a web designer, though and are willing to look beyond the price tag to see the value of their work to your business, in the long run, making your choice can actually be fairly straightforward. We show you how.

Look beyond the local

The whole point of the internet is that it makes it possible to work with people outside your local area. There is a whole planet worth of awesome web designers out there – so don’t limit your search to those in your phone book! Additionally, if you pick web designers from a country where the cost of living is lower than your own (for example British businesses using Australian web designers), you can get a top quality site at bargain prices.


web design and dev

Choose full-service firms

Most people need a full creative graphic design for their websites as well as dedicated website developers – two different fields of work and separate skill sets. Look for a provider that offers both, to streamline the process. It is wise to start incorporating SEO best practices into your web design, so even if you plan to outsource your internet marketing later, designers with a knowledge of SEO are best.

Email past clients

Many web designers have a portfolio of their past work – you can email them to find out how satisfied they were with the work.

Know their specialties

Some web designers are particularly experienced with hotel websites. Some have done a lot of e-commerce work. Some are best with blogs and information-based sites. Look for a web designer that specializes in your website’s niche.

Ask about the design and review process

Can the designer incorporate your feedback throughout the process, and do a larger number of revisions cost extra? Who retains the copyright at the end of the process?

Can you update the site yourself?

Look for web designers that can implement an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) on your website, so you can make fast and easy updates yourself. If there is no CMS, you’ll have to get in contact, wait until they have time, and then pay for changes.

Do they speak your language?

If your web designer is able to explain changes, processes and their reasoning in a language you can understand (a minimum of technobabble!), they are a very valuable business partner!


Your web designer’s pricing is nowhere near as important as their skills, their processes and the way they interact with you. Just the same, nobody wants to pay more than necessary, nor end up with a sub-standard website because they ‘got what they paid for’. Try to get an understanding of how your web designer sets prices, as well as what the final price will be!

How to Use Social Media Effectively for Your Website Promotion


Making your business successful is not as easy as it might look, and that’s because of the fast-changing technology. In order to become successful, every business needs to have an online presence, which includes a website at the minimum. However, having a website does not mean you have done all you can to make your business visible online. With a chunk of your competitors available online, your website can easily get lost in the clutter of businesses without getting any exposure.

After creating a website carefully, the next essential thing you need to do is to work towards website promotion. If you don’t promote your website on different platforms, it is no good expecting any exposure or audience to turn around your business. A number of different strategies can be undertaken individually or collectively for website promotion marketing, including blogging, content marketing, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization. Among them, one of the most effective ways for website promotion is the use of social media platforms.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and Instagram are being widely used by businesses to promote not just their sites, but to create an online presence that is not easily ignorable by customers. These platforms provide businesses with a chance to interact directly with their customers, allowing them to build a closer relationship than it was possible ever before.

When used strategically, these social media platforms can turn into perfect website promotion tools, driving a large number of audience to your site. However, before you randomly start using social media for business use, it is important to understand how each one of them is used. All social media platforms are designed using a different format and can be used to run different marketing campaigns by the company.

Facebook is an ideal network if you are planning to have one-to-one interaction with your customers. To create your business a brand and stay on top of the mind of your customers, posting regularly on Twitter is a better option. Meanwhile, creating a business profile on LinkedIn can be very useful if the products or services you are offering target professional adult individuals. Platforms like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest can be used to create a visual image of your business in the minds of customers. Using the right platform and targeting the right audience on each of these platforms is the key to successful website promotion.

Your audience on these social media platforms will only visit your website using the provided link if they think it offers them something unique, enticing and promising. For this purpose, it is very important to come up with products and services that the customers actually need and cannot find anywhere else conveniently. Even the content you are posting on your social media profiles should be unique and enticing enough to keep the audience coming back for more of such content.

If you can successfully convince your audience that they can get something more valuable on your website, they will definitely make time to visit it. By using these platforms carefully and smartly, you can get your website promotion done in the best way possible.

Social Media Marketing – An Effective Way to Increase Brand Awareness


Social Media marketing has become a crucial step in the marketing strategy of any brand. It is because of the increased usage of the internet that social media has gained so much popularity. Social Media marketing in Melbourne entails promoting your brand on social media in a manner that increases its likability by creating awareness among the masses.

As it is rightly said, “Once on the Internet; Always on the Internet”. Humans, by nature, like to share their opinion and are social animals. They like to know about the latest trends, share what they have recently tried and told their experiences to their friends. Nowadays, all of this is done through social media. Social Media marketing in Sydney has changed how brands are viewed by customers.

Marketing through social media has enhanced the process of corporate brand awareness among customers. Social media agencies help companies develop strategies that are connected and formulated with a 360-degree approach. This helps companies increase their presence on the web by increased interaction with customers.

Hiring agencies that hold expertise in social media marketing in Melbourne can help companies maximize their results and achieve their objectives faster. Marketing through social media gives instant feedback as it allows for two way communication to take place. It is even a good strategy for idea generation as taking customer feedback can result in creative ideas for new products as well as for promotional purposes.

Social media agencies look closely at what the company’s business is, what they do, what their products are, what benefits their products provide, and just how the company hopes to benefit its customers. Social Media marketing agencies in Sydney design and execute campaigns on the digital channel to grab the attention of customers and provide them with an experience they are likely to remember all their lives. Not only are they more effective than traditional channels of communication, but are also impressive because of the value for money services they offer.

MacBook Pro (Third generation)


The desktop production line of Apple is popularly known as “Macintosh Computers”.Let’s read more information through the following content. Mac Book Pro is one of the products introduced under this label. The first generation of viagra online Pfizer this computers was launched in 2006. Later, with many modifications, more products were introduced that generated a great response. MacBook Pro (Third generation) is a newly introduced desktop version in June 2012. It replaced the earlier Power-book G4. The MacBook Pro is second in the series of collaborative launches of Apple ? Intel, after iMac.

Features of MacBook Pro (Third generation)

This machine has become popular due to the reinvented viagra online Canada features. There are a lot of attractions when it comes to the in-built characteristics and additional benefits included in this device. Following are some of them:

Retina Display? An amazing display on the available screen size is provided by the company. About five million pixels occupy the 15.4-inch screen, which gives you an extraordinary experience. The resolution is of 2880 by 1800 ratio, which helps for viewing accurate images. This type of display reduces minor errors from the previous models. It decreases glare and adds a superior color quality to the images. Also, the contrast is higher by around twenty-nine percent. Thus, it provides a vibrant and really looks to the pictures.

All-flash facility for storage? The memory in this device is stored at Flash, which gives quick access to the saved data. Thus, a user can download Apps, navigate from different folders, start any application in a faster way. It saves energy and time of the customer ultimately. The flash storage helps to perform various tasks in a better way. Around 768GB memory storage is provided with this feature. Also, it is quite durable and effectively performing.

The long life of the battery? A one-time charge provides around 7 hours of battery life to the machine. The built-in battery is of 95-watt that gives 1000 full charge cycles. It provides a 30-day standby time too. With such impressive battery back-up, the user can work for a longer time on the desktop. The stand-by time allows to put your computer in a sleep mode; you can revive the normal mode again, whenever you require it.

Intel Core i7 processor? It is said to be the fastest quad-core processor available in the market. The ivy bridge processors with 22-nanometer micro-architecture provide the best performance for the computer. The speed of 2.7GHZ and turbo boost speed up to 3.7GHZ gives a different dimension to each core. It supports 16GB memory to make the MacBook Pro portable.

NVIDIA graphics? The processor of the desktop has been designed in a way to support GeForce GT 650M technology. The dedicated video memory is based on the new Kepler structure. The combination of all these provides a faster performance than any laptop made by the company. It gives an exceptional performance on the retina display and two external screens. Thus, the user can modify the photos or watch an HD video at fast speed and accuracy.

Connective facilities? Two thunderbolt connections have been provided with this device, which ensures a faster and effective data transfer. It is the quickest way to operate connections and ports. You can connect anything by utilizing this facility such as external displays like Apple TV, RAID arrays, FireWire adapters, video devices. The device provides an ultimate wireless technology with Bluetooth 4.0 and three streams 802.11 Wi-Fi. You can stay connected to the world even by unplugging your device.

iCloud documents? It acts as a great storage for the downloaded music files, photos, updates on Calendars and more. It automatically shifts the data to other Apple devices that you use. For example, if you update the information on one device, it will be changed on all other devices. Also, it gives alternatives for creating various documents like pages, keynotes, and numbers.

Operating System and Built-in Apps

The operating system for this machine is OS*Mountain Lion, which is recently launched by Apple. This has many advantages like a faster speed and amazing structural base. The built-in Apps for the MacBook Pro are iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Mac App Store, Safari( Browser), mail, iMessages, Calendar, and reminders. Each of these apps has its special qualities and characteristics.

Review of MacBook Pro( Third generation)

Up till now, the device has been praised for its compact size and faster operations. Also, the strong and sturdy structure, larger screen and cool look have been appreciated by the critics. The port, its connection abilities, and newly added apps have also been appreciated. Overall review of the device is a mix of criticism and applaud. Many reviewers have noticed that the heat generated by the new machine is in improper amount. Also, reflections from the screen are not extraordinary, if compared to the predecessors. Thus, only time will decide the exact nature of this newly launched MacBook Pro (Third generation).

iPod Touch Vs iPhone


For those who just want a smartphone, and simply want to be “cool,” the iPhone is a choice worthy being considered, only that, when we talk about iPod Touch vs iPhone, there’s a bit more to consider. I know a lot of people crazy about mobile gaming, and it seems that in that area, the iPod Touch vs iPhone match has a clear winner, and that is the iPod. To be more specific, we’re talking about the 2nd generation iPod Touch, which seems to be the best mobile gaming platform from Apple, according to a recent report…

The story goes like this – Handheld Games Corp, a mobile developer, talked with TouchArcade about the performance of its 3D TouchSports Tennis game, currently <-180×150 Small Rectangle – right->available in the App Store for $4.99.

According to this mobile developer, the 3D hardware on the iPhone and iPod Touch seems to be really challenged by their game, while the 2nd generation iPod Touch would run it flawlessly.

Although this isn’t probably the only big difference between the iPod Touch 2nd gen and “the others,” it is worth being mentioned that 2nd Generation iPod Touch had its processor’s frequency quietly pushed up to 532MHz, while the iPhone 3G, 1st gen iPhone and 1st gen iPod Touch all have processors running at 412MHz.

These being said, there’s only one conclusion to remember – if you’re into mobile gaming on Apple handheld devices, then the only way to go is the latest iPod Touch, so the music player scores once again in the “iPod Touch vs iPhone” match, although I am sure the match will be discontinued because of bad weather…;)