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Apple iMac Screensavers

A running screensaver is supposed to reduce damage to your computer’s display and can help you relax when you want to take a break from your work. The most important thing...

Apple iMac Review

iMac is a ranged all-in- one desktop computers made by Apple Inc. under the Macintosh line. It has been the prime part of Apple's desktop proposal since its released in 1998,...

Apple TV ‘Logitech Harmony’

For most people and their money, Apple TV is the best choice for media extenders. The only problem before at this adapter it was the missing of a remote. The Logitech...

Where are apple computers manufactured?

When you hear about Apple, you have to know that is one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the industry. Not only that their engineers create IT technologies, but they create...

Things That Can Be Done With Apple TV

Apple Inc. never stops to surprise us. With Apple TV you can connect your TV to your Mac or even PC, if you run iTunes program, and you get access to...

New Cheap Apple Macbook Laptops

As expected Apple decided to refresh this autumn its iMac computers, the MacBook, the Mac mini, and to release or refresh a few other products including the Time Capsule - TB,...

The 3G iPhone – In The Next Four Months!

The iPhone as we know it has one little big problem - no 3G support. We all have heard rumors that were something like "next software update to the iPhone will...