Why Telepresence Robots Are Beneficial for Manufacturing Companies


The current problems posed by the worldwide pandemic are causing significant disruptions in the manufacturing industry. Travel restrictions, mandated teleworking, and enhanced hygiene procedures established to protect workers’ health all have real-world consequences for businesses.

Telepresence robots are becoming more popular as a solution for meeting the industry’s new needs. They are not only a good alternative for fostering solid management of manufacturing processes, but they also facilitate certain previously unknown areas of a company’s overall activities. The applications of robots discussed in this article demonstrate the many advantages of telepresence in manufacturing.

If you have an equipment problem, you can get help from afar

Dealing with machinery troubles is one of the key obstacles of a production line because the manufacturing sector relies significantly on specialized equipment. Telepresence robots allow factories to call on the assistance of their workers or specialist technicians no matter where they are. By obtaining control of a robot, a technician may quickly assess the situation, identify the problem, and direct the physically present staff to remedy the issues.
As a result of telepresence, it is now feasible to:

• Reduce the time it takes to move an employee from one location to another, or a specialized professional who has to travel to multiple sites or cities, to respond to an emergency.

• No matter when they’re in the world, they may access the knowledge of the most competent people for the specific difficulties they are facing.

• Real-time conversations and solution-finding are made easier.

• Reduce your travel costs and charges.

telepresence robot
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Customers will be able to see your assembly line

Interaction between a supplier and its client is important because strong business partnerships are defined by trust and openness. Allowing clients to freely access the site using a double telepresence robot can help them comprehend your manufacturing structure while also increasing proximity.
The usage of bots in this setting allows you to:

• Interact with your consumers in instantaneously and reply to their problems and queries.

• Reduce the amount of time you spend travelling and the money you spend on it.

• Reduce the number of journeys to save time.

Stay in touch with your production team at all times and from any location

Multi-site firms and those who own many buildings, as shown in many of our case studies, confront ongoing communication challenges.
Telepresence allows you to:

• Reduce travel expenses, such as accommodation and meal bills.

• Reduce the amount of time you spend on the road to save time.

• Increase communication channels and team cohesion.

• Boost everyone’s efficiency by allowing them to communicate directly with the employees in question, rather than having to rely on a third party to relay a communication or get information.

Perform floor rounds

When a level supervisor is in charge of several places, going from one to the next can take up a significant amount of time. Telepresence robots allow you to cut down on real visits without sacrificing the jobs you need to get done, such as checking inventory, watching assembly or preparation operations, or communicating precise production or order requirements.

Boost Website Traffic by Google AdWords


Nowadays most business owners have their business website. There are several ways available to boost your business. One can use media, physical holdings, or the most effective way today that is widely used is digital marketing. Google AdWords is a part of digital marketing that boosts your website traffic to a large extent.

Google’s search engine result page displays the ads, also the ads can appear on different websites that your customers visit. These ads are directly displayed on the search result page. Google AdWords is a wide section of digital marketing.

Several factors to be considered

Just by placing Google Ads, you can’t expect that your website traffic will boost. There are several factors to be kept in mind before going for Google AdWords. They are:

1. Proper Keyword Research

2. Max Pay Per Click Value

3. Rank of your ad

Let’s discuss the above-mentioned points one by one

1.Proper Keyword Research

All the efforts will be in vain if you invest money for Google AdWords on keywords that have little or no search volume. The right investment for the right keywords will bring more and more traffic to your website.

For proper keyword research various free tools are available like Uber suggest, google AdWords planner, etc.

2.Pay per click value

There must be a proper estimation of pay per click. There is a general formula that is used for pay per click. Pay per click varies from keyword to keyword. You only have to pay when anyone clicks on your Google advertisement.

Charges for Google AdWords

Though Google AdWords is a free service, it costs only if anyone clicks your advertisement. You will get the most competitive rate as compared to other methods of digital marketing.

Google AdWords Melbourne Company
Image Source: Pexels

Method of your investment in Google AdWords

Mainly two networks are utilized for Google AdWords. One is the search engine network and another is the google display network.

You have to bid on the highest search keywords and your ad will be displayed on the search result for the relevant keyword. Paid searches are also displayed on the top and bottom of the website where the ad is placed and a small ad icon is placed with the ad.

Websites that are a part of Google Network also display ads and give advertisers a chance to pop up their ads on Google’s own network websites.

3.Rank of your ad

The rank of your Google Ads depends on your bid, whether you get a desired top position or lower position. However, not only the auction but also the quality of ads determine the position of your ad.

Quality doesn’t mean how much you invest but quality means how efficient work has been done on your business website. The landing page, heading of your advertisement, images, and description of your advertisement all determine the quality of your ad. You will get a quality score depending upon all the points mentioned. Quality score is also improved by the relevance of your advertisement.

Thus, it is proved that the better the rank of your ad, the more will be the number of visitors to your website.

If you own a business and have a business website in Australia, you can seek assistance from a renowned Google AdWords Melbourne Company and they will place your advertisement by using Google Ads and increase your sale number to a large extent.

Mac OS X… 3D!


If you hear about “Mac OS X 3D,” first thought that should pop up into your mind is that its current interface has a very well done 3D look, but sometimes, it’s more to a “3D OS” than just that. The interesting part is that, at least in theory – for now, Apple is taking user interfaces into the Sci-Fi realm, with a real “Mac OS X 3D” that allows you to move icons around back and forth, not only on the screen, but in the 3D space around you!

Mac OS X

In a recent report by AppleInsider, it is said that “A series of Apple patent filings published this week reveal the Mac maker has spent a considerable amount of time outlining a new multi-dimensional interface for Mac OS X that would make better use of screen real estate by increasing the number of virtual surfaces capable of housing application and interface elements.

The most interesting part is a filing labeled “Multi-Dimensional Desktop,” showing a 3D interface with walls, top, and floor protruding from a back surface – probably the screen of a future “3D display,” since I don’t think we’re going to see 3D holografic interfaces that soon…

What I like about all this is that, being given the current looks of Mac OS X, Apple’s future “Mac OS X 3D” may turn into the first real 3D desktop environment, since Vista’s current interface has, in my opinion, a “forced” 3D design, while Leopard looks extremely natural.

Credited to Apple employees Imran Chaudhri, John Louch, Christopher Hynes, Timothy Bumgarner, and Eric Peyton, this 54-page filing I mentioned above may be the foundation of a whole new age in desktop computing, but nobody can say “when” just yet, so would you like to try an give it a guess? I will start by telling that Apple will give us Mac OS X 3D before the end of 2015.

iPod Touch 8GB


In case that you want to find out the answer to the “How to unlock an 8 GB iPod Touch screen?” question, it is important to read this article. First of all, you have to know that the iPod Touch it is similar to the iPhone because both of them have a touch screen. This means that you can’t find on the device buttons, just a screen that you have to touch with your fingers in order to send the commands.

Thanks to these gadgets you have the possibility to take with you your favorite songs wherever you go. Beside listening to your favorite music you can even play games and watch videos on them. In case that you want to keep unauthorized users away from your iPod Touch, my advice for you is to set a pass-code that only you will know. In most of the cases after a period when you don’t use your portable music device, the system will automatically go in sleep mode.

iPod invented

In order to unlock an 8 GB iPod Touch screen, you have to type in the empty field a four digit pass-code. Sometimes happens that you forget the password. What have you do in this case? All you have to do is to restore your portable music device to factory settings. For this process you have the possibility to choose between two options. One of them is to unlock your iPod Touch with the pass-code and the second method is to unlock it without the password. In the first option’s case you have to simply tap the bezel button on your portable music device’s screen and you have to slide your finger against the arrow bar. When appears the field, you have to simply type the four digit password. In the second method’s case you have to connect your iPod Touch to the computer. For this process you will need the USB cable. After the system recognizes the connected portable music device you have to open the iTunes program on your notebook.

In order to open it all you have to do is to click twice on the iTunes’s icon which is situated in most of the cases on your laptop’s desktop. Then you have to click with the mouse cursor on the “iPod Touch” button. From the appeared window you have to select the “Summary” tab. The next step is to click on the “Restore” button which you will find easily under the “Version” section. From the opened menu you have to choose the “Back up and restore” option. The system will automatically restore your gadget’s content to factory settings. It is very important to let your iPod Touch connected to the notebook until the restoring process it will be finished. You have the possibility to talk virtually with other iPod users at the Apple Discussions Forum. In order to discuss with them and to post your comments or questions to the website’s wall, all you have to do is to sign in with your user account to the forum.

No More FireWire For Mac!


It’s so sad to see various technologies going into eternal oblivion before making any impact on the industry, but that’s life. For example, who is still wondering what is AMR? Just for the record, also known as “audio/modem riser,” this was an expansion slot found on Pentium III, Pentium 4 and Athlon motherboards, probably only used by 0.01 percent of those having such motherboards. Even I still have such a mainboard, in a computer that I keep for emergency situations, and I never used that slot. Now, what about FireWire?


No, I won’t get into the details regarding what is FireWire, because there’s something even more interesting to say – what’s going to happen with it. Before moving on to tackle today’s subject seriously, I have to make another confession – I have no idea if my AM2 mainboard has FireWire, and I couldn’t care less about that. Of course, I could check the manufacturer’s website and see if I have such a thing available, but… what for?

I guess Apple ended up facing the same question, when they decided what to remove from the new MacBook Pro and MacBook computers. Guess what? No more FireWire for Mac, of course! Don’t ask yourselves why, after all Apple took away the optical drive from the MacBook Air and nobody died. I am sure this move could help some accessories manufacturers to come up with “USB to FireWire” adapters or something similar… or not, I am not working in the field, so I can’t tell that for sure.

Since I mentioned the MacBook Air above, I should also add that the lack of FireWire is widely considered to be one of the biggest downsides Apple’s thinnest notebook has, so the big question remains – if Apple decided to drop FireWire for Mac notebooks, why did they do it?

I can’t really answer the question above, so maybe you can help me. First, they dropped iPod’s FireWire support, in 2004, and now they are leaving no more FireWire for Mac notebooks. I only hope they won’t do the same to the USB ports, because that would really be a tragedy!

Who Invented The iPod?


iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and sold by Apple Inc. Released in 2001, iPod has several models: iPod classic which is a hard drive based player, iPod touch- which has a touchscreen, iPod Nano– which is video capable and iPod shuffle which is very compact.

When Apple started creating software for the personal digital devices- that was the moment when the idea of the iPod came up. At that time music players were either large and complicated or small and useless, so, Apple took the decision to develop a music player of their own. The Apple CEO, Steve Jobs authorized Apple’s hardware engineering chief Jon Rubinstein to create a team of engineers to develop the iPod line. In that team were included Tony Fadell, Michael Dhuey and design engineer Jonathan Ive. The team was successful and in less than a year the iPod was released – on 23 October 2001. Steve Jobs described it as a Mac-Compatible product with a 5GB hard drive.

iPod invented

Apple did not develop the iPod software entirely in-house, instead using PortalPlayer’s reference using 2 ARM cores. This platform had rather rudimentary software running on a commercial microkernel embedded operating system. Apple collaborated with another company, Pixo to help design and implement the user interface under the direct supervision of the Apple CEO. As time passed, Apple continued to refine the software’s look and feel. The fonts and themes of these pieces of engineering were changed a couple of times, getting better and better.

With the introduction of the iPod Classic in 2007, Apple changed again the music player’s interface by changing the font to Helvetica and in most cases, splitting the screen in half by displaying the menus on the left and album artwork, photos, or videos on the right.

iPod invented

In September, Apple was confronted to a lawsuit with the patent holding company During the lawsuit, Apple drew attention to a patent for a similar device that was developed in 1979. The one who patented the idea, Kane Kramer , referred to a plastic music box which he called IXI. However, Kramer was unable to o secure funding to renew the $ 120000 worldwide patent, so it lapsed and he never profited from his idea.

The name iPod was proposed by Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter. He was called by Apple to develop a way to introduce the new music player to the public. When he saw the prototype, Chieco immediately thought of the film ” 2001-A Space Odissey ” and the phrase: “Open the pod bay door, Hal!” which refers to the white Eva Pod form the Discovery One spaceship. After researching, Apple found out that the name was already in use. Joseph N Grasso had originally listed an iPod trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office for internet kiosks. In 2005, Grasso assigned the trademark to Apple Computer Inc.

iPod invented

The iPod is nowadays one of the most popular music and multimedia players, it is part of the urban culture. Being under the Apple name- which means quality, top technologies, attention to details- has given the iPod the opportunity to travel around the globe, even in the poorest areas.

iTunes Statistics


For millions of people, iTunes is more than just “a digital media player application,” because I dare to say that Apple managed to turn iTunes into much more. I am not thinking about the fact that iTunes is the largest music retailer in the US, after reaching the second place last February, and I don’t even care about the fact they may be losing money, because I am sure Apple won’t go bankrupt because of this. In the end, I am sure the iTunes Store brings some serious profits, and today I have just found out something interesting about the songs on iTunes

Should I keep the truth hidden any longer? No, I guess not. I am stunned, that’s the truth. Apple’s smart moves have pushed iTunes where no music retail service has gone before! No, they didn’t start selling music to aliens just yet, but I am sure that will happen, as soon as we’ll have some aliens available. For the time being, the number of songs sold through iTunes has changed. Obviously, that number is changing every second, but I am talking about the BIG one. How big? 5 billion! Almost one iTunes song sold for each human on the planet(well, about 20% less, I guess, but anyway…)!

iTunes Statistics

This is no rumor, because Apple has just announced that iTunes Store’s customers purchased and downloaded more than 5 billion songs, while the iTunes Store also has the largest music catalog online, with over 8 million tracks. Even more, the iTunes Store is now renting over 50,000 movies daily, turning it into the most popular movie store, too, with a catalog of over 20,000 TV episodes, over 2,000 films, of which over 350 are available in HD quality.

Impressive! To be honest, I am not crazy about iTunes, because I usually buy full albums, or at least singles. I am addicted to losless music, and most people I know feel the same, but that doesn’t minimize iTunes’ merits. Good job, guys!

iPhone Applications


Maybe there a lot of you among the iPhone users, which would like to create customized applications; maybe you have a great idea and it might be useful to a lot of people, but you don’t know how to transform it from idea into a real application? Here is a short guide for creating iPhone utilities. This will take you for a walk through the steps of making your great ideas reality. Here you can find some ideas, techniques , resources and tips which may come handy if you are planning to transform your ideas into reality.

Even if the idea might seem revolutionary for you, it might be useless for others. You must filter your ideas, and put in practice the best of them, and for this, you must give yourself answers to some questions, which will tell you if this will be successful or not.

Will this application solve a problem?
Do I have a target group?
Is it funny?
Is this application bringing improvements to others, similar?
Will the application be interactive?

These are some simple marketing rules, but take them into consideration when you start planning taking your ideas in the real life.

A new application should solve some problems, or make them easier to handle,and has to have a target public. You must create this application for yourself at first, but think who are the people who could find it useful too. Chop the public into segments and choose one to be the target group for your product. It will be much more successful this way, because it is better to satisfy a small number of people, than having all the world against you because the application is incomplete or it doesn’t satisfy some needs. Specific audience is the key word, and you should pay a lot of attention to it. Another important aspect in application planning is to point out some funny aspects. People love to be entertained, they love colorful and simple things. If you manage to make them laugh, then they are your public. Create the things from the users’ point of view, and adapt the application to their needs. If there are more applications similar to the one you want to create, but they lack specific feature, be the one who brings change in the market. Being involved in action is very important for users, so give them the possibility to customize as much as possible the utility, let them choose what they like when they use it.

iPhone Applications

When you have setup an action plan in your mind, and when you have an idea about all this will be about, start gathering the tools you need, and off to work! You should first join the Apple iPhone Developer Program, of course, get an iPod Touch or an iPhone, you will also need an Intel-based Mac with OS X 10.5.5. and a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The newest version of iPhone SDK is required too, and a notebook.

All successful entrepreneurs said that “it takes a team to make a product successful”, and this is very very true. Check your skills and see where you could hire professionals, if you feel you can’t handle one or more aspects of the application creation process.To sell an application in the App store, you will need to have an idea about what works, and which are low quality product in the existing range of iPhone Apps, you will have to make research on the market, outline application’s functionality and also to sketch it. After this, you will have to take care of the GUI Design, program it, and when it is done, you should promote it and apply some marketing strategies.

iPhone Applications

It is important to know iPhone capabilities before you start working on applications for it. You should analyze the possibilities you have, and you can do this by studying the Apple User Interface Guideline, a small encyclopaedia about iPhone. Try to link your application to the special features offered by Apple through iPhone, like the accelerometer, pinch, expand and rotate functions, and also the swiping features. Intersection between real life and design should be visible, and you should do this link in a pleasant manner. It doesn’t matter if your application can find all the coffeeshops in a huge area, if this requires a lot of taps and typing, and we all know that people look for this information when they are hurrying, driving, and they don’t have time to spend with complex procedures.

Next step would be to sketch your idea, and see how it would look on an iPhone screen, and you should draw several images of what your application consists of. This will help you a lot in defining the product, and then you can go to the next step: designing the application. If you are a designer you can use iPhone GUI Photoshop templates or iPhone PSD Vector Kit.If you aren’t a designer, you should do what I said few paragraphs up, hire one. Professionals know what’s best in creating applications, and they might come with important suggestions and feed-back. Programming is the core step in this process. It is very important, and you should pay attention to what coding skills sets will you use, according to the application’s type (game, utility). It is recommended to work in XCode, and maybe you should keep an eye on what professionals say, so follow some forums and read some specialized resources before starting the work, and even while the programming is on the way.

iPhone Applications

You can simply use a timeline map for this application developing process. It simplifies the whole activity and it optimizes time management.When the application is finished, the last steps are: creating Certificates, defining the Application ID and the Distribution Provisioning Profile and compiling the application. The final step is uploading it to iTunes Connect, and then you can start the post-release activity, promotion.

It is very important that during this application development process to stay focused, and see all of it as a whole, but pay attention to details too!

Who Invented Apple Computers?


Apple is an American multinational corporation which designs and manufactures electronics and software for consumers. Formerly Apple Computer Inc. , it has its beginning in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and incorporated on January 3, 1977.

Apple has about 35.000 employees worldwide, and after its fiscal year ending in September 29, 2008, a rate sale of more than 32 billion US dollars. Due to this, and for reasons that include its philosophy design and good quality products, Fortune magazine considered Apple one of US most admired companies.


Not many of you know who invented apple computers. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronal Wayne, are the three fathers of Apple Computers, making their first child “Apple I “ and showing it first to the public at Homebrew Computer Club.

Nowadays, due to the Intel partnership, not many know the history of Apple, who invented apple computers , the rise and fall period of this brand and so on. Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were outcast teens, but with an inclination for computer technology. Wozniak was a electronics hacker, and worked for HP, and Jobs designed video games for Atari. After they invented Apple I, Wayne pulled-out taking his share. But the question who invented apple computers is not as important as its remarkable evolution. Although there were problems along the way, the two “Steve`s” , practically the ones who invented Apple computers, and all its featured products, remained not only partners, but also trusty friends.

After a power struggle between Jobs and John Sculley, the internal CEO, Jobs, decides to leave Apple. After 12 year, Jobs returns to Apple, not only as a manager, but in the position of CEO, serving its position to the present day. So, one of the founding members that invented apple computers, comes back, reuniting the family, and starts reconstructing the product line.

From that point on, the rise of Apple computers was eminent. That year, Apple entered in a partnership with Microsoft, and within the next years, along with operating system Mac OS X, and products like iMac and iBook, the Apple renaissance had begin. They opened several retail stores, and managed to make from Apple one of the biggest IT solution corporation in the world.

Maybe 20 years from now, nobody will care who invented apple computers, but one thing is certain: Apple Inc. will remain a power in this industry, and just because, once, two people had remarkable ideas power and will, to make and sustain their dream.

iPod Shuffle


Nowadays, computers are familiar to everyone because every person has used such devices at least a few times in his/her life. There are numerous types of computers that can be used nowadays, and a great number of computer hardware components that can be chosen to be used with our computers these days and they have all become much more familiar to all of us due to the necessity of using computers much more often at work, at school; and at home. There have been created in time all sorts of interesting devices that have attracted the attention of numerous computer users.

The <strong>iPod Shuffle</strong> is one of the devices that are worth being mentioned as well because numerous people have shown an interest in finding out more about it. Most persons have been actually interested in discovering more about the new version of <strong>iPod Shuffle </strong>that is considered to be much more colorful than the previous ones. Well, it should be mentioned from the beginning the fact that it presents very interesting buttons and playlists that many persons might appreciate. The great Voice-Over feature needs to be considered as well.

There are numerous features that could be presented when discussing about the <strong>iPod Shuffle</strong>. Many of those who have had the chance of using it have considered the fact that it is both beautiful and wearable as one of its main advantages. Its small size is good to be taken into account as well and it should also be mentioned the fact that many persons who have analyzed its features have been very appreciative of the fact that it enabled them to have hundreds of songs available to listen to wherever they might be.

The <strong>iPod Shuffle </strong>presents a big, clickable type of pad that enables its users to easily use it for playing their music. What might also be interesting to be mentioned about this device is the fact that its size is a little bit larger than in the case of previous <strong>iPod Shuffle</strong> models presented to us and when we say a little bit we mean an 18 per cent larger iPod. Its central button is used to play and pause when listening to music, according to your preferences. The outer buttons have been especially made for skipping forward or backward. Almost everything is done by clicking the right buttons. It is very easy to be handled and it can prove to be very useful and entertaining to be used.

What might also be very interesting to be mentioned as well when discussing about the <strong>iPod Shuffle</strong> is the fact that both those who are interested in order and those who are interested in spontaneity rather than order can benefit from using it. This means that you can choose whether to have your songs played in a random way or in order, by flipping the device either to the left or to the middle.

iPod Shuffle

Giving your songs a voice is another very interesting thing that can be noticed when using the new <strong>iPod Shuffle</strong> and together with other such interesting features it can also determine those analyzing it to buy it. Certainly, not everyone might be appreciative of all of its features but it surely presents at least certain advantages that need to be considered.   In the end, everyone can choose the product that might be the most appropriate one for being used in their case, according to each of their preferences and needs.