Track Effective Metrics for Your Business with SharedCount

Having the right social media and content marketing campaign is very important for any online business. You need to measure your client or visitor engagement on your website and design a marketing strategy that will help you achieve top ranking. While creating fresh and killer content can be tasking, it pays in the long run. This means you need to write fresh, informative and valuable content for your clients at all times. Adding a call to action will enhance your efforts. However, you will not understand what to do and where to start from without measuring various metrics for your business.

A point to keep in mind is that failing to measure and track content metrics means running a blind campaign. This piece takes a closer look and some of the most important metrics you can track to enhance your online campaign.

Social media shares

Social media has become one of the best platforms where people connect and promote their products. With a high number of social shares, it means you have a good number of followers. Therefore, with a tracking tool, you will be better placed to identify what your friends or followers shares on social media. SharedCount is a valuable tool and it identifies content shared more often.

The tracking tool also helps you to evaluate the style and type of posts your target audience prefer the most. You can go an extra mile to measure and track incoming links, number of subscribers and type of content that offers you the best Return on Investment.

Brand mentions and backlinks

When you post quality, fresh, and valuable content, you will enjoy great backlinks to your website or blog. This is often a great opportunity to enjoy huge financial returns. By measuring this metric, you will be able to learn of the kind of impression or attitude web visitors have towards your products.

The tracking tool operates efficiently and it offers real-time answers. It is an excellent way to help you learn more about the position of your business online. If more followers are mentioning your brand on a regular basis, it means that they are reading your posts, comments, and shares.

New Leads

New leads are also another significant metric to track for a successful business online. While web visitors can stay longer on your page, it doesn’t always mean that they love the content therein. It doesn’t mean your website is always engaging them. In this light, you need to understand the feeling that goes through the minds of web visitors whenever they are on your page.

Furthermore, you need to measure and track the reaction of users on a specific post. It helps you to work on a well-defined strategy that will boost your business in the end. A good way to ensure that your web visitors enjoy valuable moments on the page will be measuring this metric as it serves as an entry point to a smooth profitable business. This is because you will know exactly what to do and the steps to take to generate new leads for your business.

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Track your comments

Engaging your audience online is an effective and natural way to keep your business running. The commenting feature on your website should, therefore, be on for proper tracking of your engagements with the target audience. You need to encourage engagements and this is what the tracking tool will help you to work on. Sharedcount works by tracking and helping you to cultivate conversations with your audience.

In addition, it compels you to take a call to action and to pose interactive questions to your clients. This means your audience will be compelled to share their views and thoughts about your products and services. In simple terms, the tracking tool allows you to understand more about your online community so that; you can work on strategies that appeal more to your target audience.

Note that through regular interactions with the target audience, you also stand a better chance to boost your business. Therefore, track this metric and prove that your establishment is highly approachable and customer-centric. These are two very important features that define quality, reliable, and solid companies.

With that in mind, you need to measure the above metrics while keeping an eye on your traffic when you comment, post, or share content online. It will help you to keep track of your efforts to determine whether you are trading in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

A website is the centrepiece of any online business. As you run your SEO campaign, measure and track the above metrics with Sharedcount to ensure your marketing strategy works towards fulfilling the needs of your clients and that of your business.

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